Three simple tips on Free Internet Marketing Advice

As I maneuver through marketing advice, I am trying desperately to make sense of the knowledge I am gaining.  I need a simple, organized method.
As of now I have come up what I consider three of the most important points that help me achieve my goals without confusion and panic.  There is loads of advice, but most fledgling authors can’t afford to pay for everything and there are as many scams as there is legitimate advice.


  1. Target your market.  This can be something like googling  your genre  - and joining sites where readers join it.  For my genre (romance) I have checked out cooking/craft sites – as well as single sites.  If the Single sites produces a newsletter – it is very possible to get an interview to promote your book. So also check those sites that might pertain to your readers interests as well. Check out sites for cities or events in the places you write about.
  2. Do not spread yourself thin.  Pick a few marketing sites and become familiar with them until you reach the point you can move around with comfort and speed. Do the marketing for the day required until it isn’t time-consuming.  (examples for writers: - facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube, goodreads, shelfari,). Only move on to others after you’ve mastered this concept.  You can set-up a profile page for the sites, make a list of the sites, then check them off when you’ve learned how to apply marketing concepts as an author.
  3. Do three marketing projects a day – which means 15 a week.  Take a few consecutive days in a row off each week to unwind.  Don’t get caught in a trap where you suffer burn-out and quit.

Calgary Sunset - May 2014


Never Pick a Pretty Woman – When Words Collide Festival

I am pleased to say Never Pick a Pretty Woman will be part of the Alberta Romance Writer’s Association ‘searching for…’ series display.  The When Words Collide Festival takes place at the Carriage House Inn, Calgary, Alberta, August 8-10th, 2014.  Come and visit Calgary, voted the cleanest city in the world and stay to enjoy meeting a variety of local authors.

Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - coveramazon-buy

Never Pick a Pretty Woman – Calgary Skies

Calgary Sunset - May 2014 #4

…   ‘By the time they got back to Crystal Ridge it was getting dark. The sun, setting below the mountains created that charcoal and pink sky.

     “There, the exact colors I want in my bedroom,” Sophie gasped with delight. She never tired watching these amazing sunsets.’…

Like Sophie, I often go out in the evening to marvel at the colors revealed in the sunsets over Calgary.


Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

Sassafras and Spurs Blog Hop – July 3rd – July 8th, 2014

I am excited to be part of this blog hop.  Cowboys, horses and romance being my favorite topic.  Come and join the fun.  Meet new authors and discover new authors and books. Cowboys and Romance – mmm, the perfect way to lighten your day.

Sassafras and Spurs Blog HopNever Pick a Pretty Woman

What does a rancher need?  To Jake it’s obvious he needs a cook so he and his hands can get decent meals.  Sophie is only a pretty face. She doesn’t know how to cook so he has to eliminate her, regardless of how much his heart protests.  Logic and reasoning will make for his success.  Dreams don’t mix with reality.

But Sophie has hidden talents Jake stubbornly disregards.  There’s much more to be a rancher’s wife than knowing how to cook.  How can she convince him?

Available on Amazon    Make a comment and contact me at (subject:  Never Pick a Pretty Woman) for a chance to win a free Kindle copy of my newest novel.

Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

Never Pick a Pretty Woman – The Cover

I want to extend a special thanks to both April Martinez – through Suzanne Stengl and Mahrie G. Reid for listening and answering many questions. Both are wonderful authors with Alberta Romance Writer’s Association.

Thanks for your help in creating a perfect cover for Never Pick a Pretty Woman


Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

Dee Van Dyk – New Release

After writing in various fields with success, Dee Van Dyk has now produced a fiction story, Sin Eaters.  Sin Eaters is a YA, dark, ominous and exciting to read.  It is part of the Searching for Series, an Alberta Romance Writer’s project at the When Words Collide festival in Calgary, Alberta – August 8-10, 2014.

Dee Van Dyke - Book Cover (Searching for Series)

What would your life be like if your brother was a convicted serial killer? Lonely, as seventeen year-old Sara Shaughnessy knows. She’s spent the last decade on the fringes of society, hated and bullied. And her life is about to take a turn for the worse. 

Van Dyk’s novel takes us into the dark world of sin eating and ancient demons, a place where the stakes are high and no one is safe. 




About Dee Van Dyk: – I’m a dabbler, a sampler of life. Yeah, I’m a writer, but I’m also a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend. Like most people who’ve lived awhile, I’ve done a few things. Some exciting stuff, some not so exciting. I’ve worked as a dietary technologist, secretary, cucumber picker, partnered with my husband to run a business, worked a stint as a travel writer. It’s all grist for the writer’s mill.

Her work has appeared in many North American magazines and publications, including PROFIT, Canadian Living, Homemaker’s, Write Magazine, Alberta Venture, FiftyPlus,  Mocha Sofa, Campus Starter, WestJet Inflight Magazine, Jetsgo Inflight Magazine, West Word, Beltline Outlook, Madame, Home Cooking, Food for Thought, Student Counsellor,  Canadian Writer’ s Journal, Avenue, Moving To,,, CanLearn and Visitor’s Choice.



Never Pick a Pretty Woman – an excerpt


Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

  NEVER PICK A PRETTY WOMAN  - by Mary M. Forbes


She cupped her face in her hands, elbows digging into her upper legs and rocked. Her legs and arms trembled. Surely something would come to her. Then it did. She wanted to go back home. She wanted to see her mom. Her mom, her only real true friend, would have the right answers.  Her mom would help her.

She sensed a presence beside her. Someone crouched nearby.  Somebody brushed her arm with a hand. But she dared not look, so sure it would be Dennis. Dennis must never realize how much he hurt her.  She couldn’t give him that satisfaction. Besides she might well start punching that smug know-it-all face.

“What can I do to help you?”

Her head whipped around and her green eyes widened in shock. This wasn’t Dennis. This apparition appeared to be a cowboy in her dreams.  His eyes were narrowed, sultry and dark with long black lashes to match his short dark hair. A cowboy hat was tilted back to reveal his incredible features. His eyes suddenly widened in surprise when he saw her face, then dropped to the ground.  He swore. Perplexed, she wanted to ask him what that was about. Before she had the chance, she noticed he was dangling the straps of her sandals with one finger.

“Prince Charming?” Light banter slipped easily inside. Something familiar and calming.

“You want your shoes back little princess?” He smiled. It took her a moment to compose herself. His smile was breathtaking and vaguely familiar. Had she met him somewhere? No, surely she would remember if she had.

The Romance Reviews – Sizzling Summer Reads Party

Sizzling-Summer-ReadsCome join the fun.  Meet new Authors; Win prizes.  The Grand Prize is a $100.00 gift certificate.

On  June 21from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST  there will be a Question/Answer on One Dance with a Stranger.  Answer correctly for a chance to win a Kindle Copy of One Dance with a Stranger.

One Dance with a Stranger - Front Cover

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer – Summer Blog Hop

Memories: – Growing up on the farm, sometimes the heat and sunshine was unbearable. We  didn’t have air-conditioning. At those times I would put on my bathing suit and gallop my horse through sloughs of water.  I’m sure he liked it too.  I didn’t dare just get off and swim in the sloughs for they are full of insects and grasses that caused what we called the ‘Itch’.

As I reached my teen years, I recall an incident that shows me now, just how wonderful my dad was.  There were some men working on hydro poles going across our land.  One day in the heat, after riding through the sloughs to cool down I decided to ride over to see what they were doing.  One of the guys, a young man, after saying ‘Hello’ said something that was puzzling.  He said I looked sexy.

His boss ordered him back to work and I rode away.  My dad was working in the fields so I rode over and told him.  He said ‘Those guys are busy.  Don’t go bothering them.’  What a wonderful way of dealing with the situation.  With no anger or reprimanding he got his point across.

I, of course, went into the house and looked up the word ‘sexy‘.Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover


One FREE Kindle e-book  - my latest release ‘Never Pick a Pretty Woman’.  Contact Mary M. Forbes ( with Subject: - Never Pick a Pretty Woman to enter and a chance to win.

Never Pick a Pretty Woman – Release – June 15th, 2014

Just Released

Book I -  in my ‘Crystal Ridge‘ series Never Pick a Pretty Woman.

Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover




Sophie Donnelly is tired of her fast paced career life.  She wants to settle down with a home, husband and children.  She moves back to Crystal Ridge when she realizes she  can’t find the type of man she’s looking for in the city.  All men want her for ‘arm-candy’, not a wife. They won’t look beneath the surface.

Jake McCallum is a struggling rancher outside Crystal Ridge. He needs a wife and partner to help.  He desperately wants Sophie, but reality says she can only be a fantasy.  Sophie doesn’t  even know how to cook.

Ridge with quartz