Life Changing Days – Changes

I have watched the world change sometimes it seems a snail’s pace as events continue from days into years.  Sometimes overnight the world changes.  Mostly I like good change – things that make my life easier and I make every attempt to learn each new, exciting piece of technology.

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But there are other areas that truly make me sad.  In modern society’s attempt to accept everyone and prove they have a superior tolerance and acceptance of everyone, they are often pushing out the very thing that makes them who they are. No wonder there is such chaos now.

This is especially seen in modern society’s lack of acceptance and tolerance in the Christian religion.  It is being pushed aside and taunted as ignorance, idiots, uneducated and evil.  I do not understand.  I come from a long line of Christians (I keep repeating in Life Changing Days) and today I only see sadness.


Our gatherings were often Christian based.  Our giving, tolerance and acceptance was Christian based.  And by far the most sad thing to see being eliminated in our schools is the Christmas pageant.  I cannot, try as I might, explain the feelings of peace, goodwill and happiness I experienced at Christmas time.

It’s hard to tell my own kids about those feeling as I can’t explain – but I could show – by doing the pageant, by the songs, the Christmas tree and by people gathering together with one cause – to celebrate the birth of Christ.

So, if one can stop and reason – think.  It is politically correct to accept and tolerate everything regardless of how outlandish and everyone else but yourself – the very thing that makes us in North America who we are. We are a Christian nation and to take that away is as sad as taking the Christmas pageant from the schools and denying our children that wondrous season.

Christianity is a big part of my life.  I am not going to deny it for any modern trends or ideas. To accept any and all beliefs, I must first acknowledge my own.

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Romance and Reality – Spiritual Beliefs

Most people are religious in some way.  However there are people who believe religion is the ‘be all/end all’  of the world problems. As our society moves forward to a ‘collective society’ of sameness religious beliefs are as archaic as those Greeks Gods of ancient times.

I have often heard and had conversations of how suppressing religions can be and I may agree- in the past.  As a Christian I do not see that suppression people discuss, and although they can respect their opinions and only ask the same in return.  When I hear of people who would destroy a cross in our free countries I cringe.  When I hear people who would have God taken out of our anthems and schools I want to cry.

Now imagine trying to form a romantic relationship with such opposite beliefs.  Is it possible?  I think that people should investigate personal beliefs before they jump into a relationship. I shudder to imagine the arguments and fights of such opposite opinions – especially in this day and age when hostility without respect is raging supreme.

If a Christian does something wrong does that mean Christianity is bad – considering it teaches only love, kindness and helping others?