To feel: – Happiness/Love

Usually people feel love is between a couple and if you haven’t found your ‘true love’ you are missing out.  As a romance writer I, of course, need to understand that type of love. I don’t feel this is the love of happiness.  Often this type of love creates a myriad of emotions and happiness is not necessarily part of it.

I am talking about the love you feel towards anyone or anything.  This is the love when a family member or friend might do something for you that creates a feeling inside – a substantial feeling of love.  Or it might be seeing the joy on their own faces, revealing their feelings.  Love might be for an animal, for a scene or sound.  I love the sounds of waves lapping on the shore.  It makes me happy.  I love the sights the sky gives me. I love the way my grandson brings me a letter he has printed and signed himself, it makes me happy.  I love when my sister calls me and we chat as though we were together.  It makes me happy.

My horse once stepped on my foot when I was young.  I sat on a rock and cried it hurt so much.  Suddenly the horse put his head on my shoulder.  His eyes were so sad.  A feeling of love flooded me and the hurt started dissipating.

I was driving in Calgary with my youngest son.  He suddenly said in the silence,  ‘mom, if Jesus is the son, then God must be the moon.’   He was about five at the time.  It lifted my spirits and made me laugh.  He was considering the knowledge he was learning.

Everyone can feel the love of happiness.  There are no exceptions.  It is not the love between a couple – that type of love can create fear, sadness, anxiety and anticipation.  It is not the love of happiness.  But it can create the love of happiness as well.