It Starts with You: – Nature

There are some who never take the time to connect with nature and there are some that are obsessed with nature.  Some believe humans are different and not a part of nature.  They believe people are only here to destroy nature.

Deer in the winter – grazing with no fear beside a residential house.


I believe we are a part of nature as surely as any other plants/animals are.  Some of my beliefs are not popular today.  God provides for humans just as he provides for other animals. If He provides rabbits for a wolf to eat, then so He provides plants and animals for a person to use.

My grandson and the waves of Tofino behind. Soon he will have to leave the beach as the tide comes in. It happens every day and has since the beginning of time.

This is a picture of trucks, including my husband’s truck waiting to load/unload in a man-made mine.  Some might see destruction..  I see the beauty as the sun reflects on man-made ridges.  I see man utilizing the offerings God provides.

When or if we believe that we can more easily connect with nature.  One of the best methods I use for relieving stress is to wander around in nature.  A flower growing from a crack in the concrete can give me a feeling of connection.

These are pictures of Deerfoot Trail and other roads when the Bow River showed it’s might in Calgary.   Respect it – or don’t.  In a short time the water will recede.

Even in a city, nature can be a part of your life.   You can work with nature or feel you can conquer it.