Birthday Wishes – 2011

Birthday wishes from a dear friend – Harriet;  Thank you.


Today is actually my birthday. I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It is a lazy day and I’m not doing much. Tashya made banana cake this morning. I eat too many sweets but can’t resist. George bought a cheesecake. Margaret (my neighbor) came over for coffee and brought me a ‘friendship kitty’ ornament. Very nice. Tashya got me two glass unicorns and Murphy got me some wolf fridge magnets. Nola (my sister) got me some bath things and I appreciated that telling her that baths and massages seemed more important to us now than clothes or jewelry. I love my bath times. Kevin and Lynette sent me a very nice e-card. Then SuzieQ sent me a beautiful e-card. Shaun called to wish me a happy birthday. Lorri Lee (my niece) wished me a happy birthday. Harriet (our cousin in Seattle sent an e-mail wishing me a happy birthday. It’s been a nice day so far. I’ve so far spent my day farming on Facebook (to get ahead of my nephew Allan on Farmville and be top dog) a game I’m addicted to and also learning a little more about linking/links on my website.

George was home and although my birthday wasn’t until Sunday, he took me into the Barley Mill in Penticton for dinner on Friday. It was a buffet of prime rib and all the salads and fixings. It was very good.

Then we went to a show at Penticton Convention Centre – Brent Butt (Corner Gas – the show I considered the best Canadian production I’ve ever seen). He was hilarious. Without swearing, sex or gross bodily functions he kept the surprisingly large crowd laughing. He and his wife (Wanda on Corner Gas) will be starting a new show this fall – I forget the name but will be looking for it. He now lives in Vancouver but is another original Saskatchewanite like myself.

And I learned another reason why I should quit smoking. After the show I, of course, rushed outside to have a cigarette. Meanwhile our friends that were with us (Carol, Al and her son Ryan) stayed behind and got autographs and pictures with Brent. I am kicking myself now – why didn’t I stay behind and talk to Brent – give him a book for his wife (they are more geared towards women readers) and got a picture taken with him. As a fellow Saskatchewanite I could have even discussed seeing the elusive Saskatchewan Big Whale like he did.

Anyway I will post the pictures of Carol and Ryan.

Today at 2:00 our time I will be listening to my radio interview and once again I’m nervous thinking it might be horrible. I will be having encores I notice, one on Monday, one on Tuesday and two on Thursday. That is great and like having five radio interviews.

Brett Butt

Carol getting autograph

Ryan getting autograph

I heard the interview. I talked too slow, said eh once – and ‘you know’ too many times. But the fortunate thing about it is I can learn to do better on my next one. I still don’t like my voice – but I want to thank Tashya, my daughter, for her wonderful words of encouragement.