Designing Covers

When I was young I studied and drew horses whenever I thought I was ‘bored’.  Then for years I was too busy raising children and working.  I should have learned my lessons when I was young – figure out what you enjoy and when you are stressed, do something you enjoy.

Now, I have now designed new front and back covers for two of my four romance novels.  I can relax and relieve stress from writer’s block or frustration and every day problems by working with Adobe Photoshop. After taking courses through the University of Washington I am learning very much on this fascinating program.

In Hawk’s Gift -there is a true legend of ‘Prairie du Chevel Blanc,’ (White horse of the prairies  –  A phantom white horse that has never been caught.


In Alberta Wild Rose the legendary Lost Lemon Mine is supposed to be in the rugged mountain area of Crowsnest Pass.  Again, it’s never been found but actual people, including Jack Lemon, have died or suffered dire consequences – those that claim to have touched the cursed gold.

Designing Book Covers

Designing Covers

My current project is a suspense story called Angels Among Us.  When my mind is over-consumed or stymied, I turn to designing covers for my latest novel for a break.  Today I designed a cover I like and will possibly use. The couple I used is my niece and her husband.  The picture behind is a picture I took of the sunset last night in the mountains.