CWO – Weather Observing – Social Activities

I was at NAV Canada for 6 weeks.  We had school for the standard 9 to 3:30 with an hour off for lunch.  Our week-ends were free.  There was a long winding path by the St. Lawrence River that took us to Tim Horton’s.  Sometimes Sarah, Jamie and I would walk there and back, even though it was so hot.  Sometimes we played volley-ball or made plans to cross the St. Lawrence to get contraband cigarettes from the Native reservation (which were so cheap compared to ours.) As I was a writer, our stories intensified drastically as the course deepened. 2008-06-07 06.03.14 

Dark, rolling CB’s crossed the sky with malicious intent. We stood by the shore of the river determined to cross and find those cheap cigarettes.  ‘I don’t know how to swim’ I whispered in fear.  ‘No problem,’ Isadore said.  ‘Just hop on me and pretend I’m a raft and we’ll float across.’

With laughter and outlandish suggestions we made plans although it was easy enough in Cornwall to get those cigarettes.  2008-06-10 15.24.35

All the other students had no trouble including an old lady in their activities.  It was a great experience and a wonderful way to re-introduce myself back into society again.

But it was an intense course and required studying.  After six weeks I left to go back to the tiny little town I lived in.  Exchanging e-mails and promising to become Facebook friends it was a sad departure.