Historical Romance

Hawk’s Gift

trrreviewed“How can she be attracted to a useless drifter, charming or not?”

1. Hawks Gift - cover         Roberta Taylor, an      aggressive,  wealthy reporter goes to the west to discover the reason why there is such unrest in the vast wilderness.  She meets enigmatic Damien Larocque and tricks him into taking her to Big Bear’s camp in Montana. 

Roberta stands for everything Damien dislikes in a woman. She is arrogant and believes she is always right. Why does she fascinate him so much?

Set in Canada’s Civil War – the Riel Rebellion of 1885


Roberta is a heroine I love and Damien, well, he’s dangerous but oh, so addicting. …. I envy your ability to write unforgettable characters ….Rachelle Ayala – author of Michal’s Window, Historical Romance.

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Alberta Wild Rose

“Alberta Rose learns how gold changes people, including herself…”

amazon-buyGold fever creates monsters but in the case of the Lost Lemon Mine a curse has been 2. Alberta Wild Rose Coverplaced on it, making it more dangerous. Alberta Rose O’Neil escapes her mother’s control to visit her father in the west. Not superstitious, she doesn’t believe in the curse or the theory there is gold in these mountains. She joins a group to find the legendary mine and sees the evilness reigning at the site.

From a sheltered upbringing to confronting the dangers of life, she must learn how to survive in chaos as well as the realities that exist in her new life.

She discovers Dale,their guide, is not her Knight in Shining Armor as she believed. But can she find the strength to resist his potent charm?


…very likable story…your writing is very good…” Lauren McKenna, Editor, Pocket Books

“…Forbes characters are colorful and very well defined. I like her style of leaving her reader in suspense, then returning you when you least expect it. A good read…” Beverley Jones, Author, Penticton

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“How can Princess fall in love with a common soldier?…”

Paradise on the Horizon - CoverWhen Natasha Marnicov runs away from her horrible, new life since leaving Russia, Luke helps her escape into the western wilds.

He knows nothing about farming just as he knows Natasha does. He isn’t aware of her past life as a Princess and Natasha knows she must never reveal it. Luke has only scorn and contempt for aristocrats.

Although attracted to this rigid man, Natasha soon realizes she means little to Luke. He intends returning to the East and his true love once he clears his name.

….click here to read a “teaser” trailer for Paradise on the Horizon.

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