My Nieces


On August 5th, 2009 a little bundle of joy was delivered to my nephew and niece making their family complete with a blonde (beautiful Emma), a red-head (Danika – my inspiration) and now a brunette (little Taylor). I want to wish the whole family only happiness and joy. Congratulations Kevin and Lynette. Taylor Dianne is so beautiful and oddly enough looks just like her grandmother (Nola Dianne) did when she was a baby. Lynette has assured us that the mailman was not involved in this fortunate incident. I know there are different hair colors on our side of the family Lynette.

taylor dianne

birth of taylor dianne and kaylee marie

Then on the 6th of August on the other side of country another little girl was born – Kaylee Marie – daughter of Melissa (Forbes) & her husband Nick Sutherland. Another beautiful little great niece. Here’s to little girls!! Congratulations.

kaylee marie

kaylee marie



Sometimes I feel down or depressed – sometimes for obvious reasons like I miss my son, Paul, so much. Sometimes it can be simply because ‘nothing is happening with my books’. But right about the time I am feeling down I hear from one or more of my nieces. Since I come from a family of 7 siblings, I seem to have a lot of nieces. This little article is to them and to tell them all how much they mean to me. My nephews are wonderful also, but those young busy girls are the ones that most often cheer me up and make my day.

secret smiley

Lana- so, so busy with her three children, her work and her new social life – but never once in all her activities does she ever seem to ignore or ‘forget’ her aunt.

rainbowLori – busy with her children, work and not much into e-mailing or computers but still takes the time to talk to her ‘Aunty’.

yellow starSuzieQ – Suzie is so busy with all her projects but I hear from SuzieQ all the time. She is one of my biggest fans when it comes to my books. The stuff she says is completely awesome and always makes my day.

music noteChandra – busy with her two beautiful little girls as well as her work which consumes so much of her time. This so intelligent little niece is another who takes the time out of her busy schedule to’compliment’ her auntie’s books                or even  become my farm neighbor so I can advance to another level.

mobile phoneAmy – Amy has always shown such respect to me and is also a busy beautiful girl but always takes time to talk to her Aunty.

red roseLynette- Although Lynette is a niece-in-law, it never seems so. She is so compassionate and caring to me. She is also Danika’s mother – the little girl who has inspired me very often when it comes to ideas.

birthday cakeHere’s to my nieces – never change. You are all such wonderful, caring people who deserve only the best. Thanks so much. I love y’all. xxxooo