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Comments on Mary M. Forbes’ books – from readers


“…Roberta and Damien are fascinating characters.” – Linda Marrow, Senior Editor, Pocket Books.

“…she knows how hearts attract and how conflicts emerge…” Shirley Wolford, Author, Arizona.

“…her story line is very good…” Bev Jones, Author, British Columbia

“…excellent pacing…” Dorchester Publishing.

“Mary Forbes does a great job with throwing the reader into the old West Zane-Grey style. Full of great characters–honorable and seedy alike-Be prepared to get your heart rate up and fluttering. Her writing style is engaging and entertaining as she sweeps you into her world. A fun, enjoyable read!”….  Susanne C. S. Lakin, Author of Innocent Little Lies.

“…What, a steamy read! The characters are great, the dialogue is snappy and the story is interesting. Well worth any romance fans time!…”  N. M. Creamer, reader.

Hawk’s Gift is a beautifully written historical romance set in pioneering Canada and America.
The background description easily captured the feel of the era. However it was initially difficult to warm to the heroine’s simpering character. Although she grew as the story developed, I felt that she could have done with far more substance at the beginning.
The hero was very likable, strong with both a touch of vice and virtue, and human enough to sympathize with.
There was some unnecessary dialogue which did not carry the plot anywhere, but the author writes with such an easy style, it still made for a very enjoyable read. Definitely recommended.”  … Jay, United Kingdom

Beautifully written from the first sentence. this book captivates all of your senses, and takes you on a breathtaking journey. Hawks Gift is really a gift and i enjoyed reading it. 🙂 …review by Jodie


“…very likeable story…your writing is very good…” Lauren McKenna, Editor, Pocket Books

“…Forbes characters are colorful and very well defined. I like her style of leaving her reader in suspense, then returning you when you least expect it. A good read…” Beverley Jones, Author, Penticton


”…I enjoyed reading this book. It kept my interest through the entire book. I wish to read more of your books…” Nola McGill, reader, Regina, Saskatchewan

“I finished reading One Dance with a Stranger and loved it. I love your character development and get wrapped up with them. Great job. I’m always looking forward to your books and can’t wait to read more.” – Chandra Miller, reader, Calgary.

“First off, I just wanted to tell you I loved your first two books. Hawk’s Gift was awesome. Alberta Wild Rose was great too, but Hawk was my favorite. That is, until this new one. It your best yet imvho (in my very humble opinion). I am pretty good at “pacing myself” to make a book last, since I don’t often go out and buy them. When I read One Dance with a Stranger, I tried my best to ‘sip’ each page and savor each word, but I just got so greedy for what would happen next, I couldn’t help but ‘gulp’ whole chapters!! Needless to say, I finished it in two days, where I usually have a novel last a week or so. Wade was so easy to like, as the sexy bad-boy and I really felt so sorry for Emily, the way she had to grow up. It was equally easy to wish something bad would happen to Tony and Paula! Thank you for such an awesome story. When can we expect another????? – Suzanne M., reader, Ontario.

“With characters that tug the heart and raise the ire, and a backdrop that sounds breathtaking, One Dance with a Stranger was a perfect vacation at home. Great Book. – Natasha Creamer, reader, British Columbia.

”I absolutely loved Once Dance with a Stranger. The author did an amazing job of creating characters with depth and personality. The characters were so realistic, with charming features as well as personal flaws, making them relatable to the reader. This book covers a wide range of emotions; it really makes the reader get involved with the story. The more I read this book, the more I couldn’t stop reading it. I thought it was terrific and I can’t wait for Mary Forbes’ next book.” – Amy Miller, Victoria, British Columbia.

Mary, your best book yet! Loved it couldn’t put it down till I finished it. Will pass it around Springhill to all my reading buddies.- Marie, reader, Nova Scotia

Great characters! The story moves along at a good pace and keeps you wanting to turn the pages. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes romance novels. – Pantoner, – Author, USA

I was taken by the character of orphan, Emily Van Sheldon, beautifully written by Mary Forbes, as are all the characters in this Romance, set in Alberta’s stunning foothills and Stampede City, Calgary. Follow Emily’s journey from grinding poverty to a perfectly planned life, until she crosses paths with the enigmatic Wade Hart, country music star and sparks fly. An easily read, engaging romance.

by Namara

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