Inspiring People

I have cousins in Seattle and am so happy they are included in our close family. Harriet and Murray have a son who is now eighteen. For a teenager to have his abilities, insight into human nature and to be such a caring, sensitive person I find him amazing and unique. Like myself, Sean is a writer and I have read some of his manuscripts. He also is showing abundant talent in movie making/editing and acting as well. The combination will take him very far in life once he realizes his abilities.

Sean e-mails me quite often – even with his very busy, hectic schedule (we’ve all experienced high-school homework and activities). Often he inspires and motivates me when I get into a slump with my own creations. He surprises me with his compassion and caring nature – often not seen in people his age.

Sean, thanks for your encouragement and help. Soon you will surpass many people with your talents provided you can believe others who recognize your talents. It is a long, hard road to discover your own way but if you keep sticking to your own principles and beliefs you will attain greatness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.