Another Trip to Calgary

I am getting ready to go for a visit – to Calgary to visit my son who I miss so much at times. I will visit my friends in Calgary as well. I’m going to stay with my friend Cathy for a few days. Cathy and I have been friends for many, many years. When I hurt or cry Cathy cries with me. When Cathy hurts I cry for her. We discovered long ago we have similar morals and principles and many common interests as well. Cathy babysat my kids when they were little and I babysat hers. I am her daughter, Heather’s Godmother. Even though we aren’t always together we both know in our hearts that we are there in our thoughts which is a comfort in life. I am grateful to have such a good, loyal friend. We had good times together too – not so rigid we didn’t enjoy life. We often joined each other for a bottle of wine and good conversation. We joined gyms and went bike riding together. We enjoyed the sights in Calgary together and even went to Chippendale’s with a group of other girls. The views were great and the night was filled with laughter. We went camping together and to lunches as well.

Cathy's Christmas

Then I will go to Edmonton, pick up my sister and she and I will go visit my aunt in Saskatoon. Aunt Nora has been like a mother to Nola and I – always saying she wished she’d had a daughter and treats us like her daughters. It will be fun to travel around with my sister as she is usually fun with a good sense of humor. The older I get the more I appreciate humor. Sometimes life is so harsh and horrible – if we didn’t sit and laugh at our ‘bad luck’ we’d probably be sitting wallowing in it as well as self-pity forever, just sinking deeper and deeper. Laughter has the ability to bring us out of our depressions and – ‘run away to live and fight another day.’