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Love has found a new battlefield in this original and captivating story… 

                It was Pat Benatar, with her highest charting single, who loudly exclaimed “Love is a battlefield!” These words couldn’t be truer for author Mary M. Forbes’ new book One Dance with a Stranger, except that the battlefield for love has changed. Unlike most contemporary country western love stories set in the American frontier, Forbes’ new romance is set in the “other” wild wild west — Calgary, Canada. Known to the locals as Cow Town, most outsiders would be surprised to learn that Calgary boasts the largest outdoor rodeo in the world, has a very prominent western culture embedded within its roots and has seen an influx of American ranchers heading north to work its rich farmland.

One Dance with a Stranger opens our eyes to this largely unknown western world through a compelling romance filled with many twists and turns. The story follows two very different people whose lives become unexpectedly intertwined; Forbes takes us deep into the hearts of these two characters that fight not only external forces, but themselves as well, all for each other’s love.

Emily Van Sheldon wants nothing more than to go to a university and make a better life for herself, but reality is an orphan living on the streets, struggling against the elements, fighting off men and often digging in garbage dumpsters for food. She finds a way out by posing nude for a men’s magazine, even though shame and disgust eat at her inside, making her become obsessed with cleanliness and hiding her sordid past. When a sophisticated Member of Parliament asks her to marry him, she eagerly agrees, not caring that she doesn’t love him. He is simply another piece of the puzzle in her quest for a better life.

Wade Hart is a famous country singer who gained success too soon. His pampered life and his fame make him believe he is infallible. He tours all throughout North America and marries a Texas beauty. He finds his wife in bed with his brother, the sophisticated Member of Parliament, and Hart’s subsequent actions land him in Texas jail for three years. There he sees a centerfold picture of Emily and becomes puzzled by his obsession for her. Upon his release, he does not actively search for her, but ends up meeting her at a political function in Calgary, which is when he discovers she is his brother’s fiancée. A confounding yet irresistible attraction ignites, and the battle for each other’s love ensues.

“I am not afraid to deal with any and all topics,” says Forbes. “My book deals with principals and ‘old-fashioned’ values, faltering from those characteristics and then coming back.  I realize all people falter and need ‘second-chances.'”

“My book is also an in-depth analysis of love that follows no rulebook. It is great for escapism and relief from stress, which is why many readers find the book very hard to put down.”

What makes One Dance with a Stranger so captivating is Forbes’ incredibly detailed descriptions, deep character development, and talent for building (in many cases sexual) tension. Her characters exhibit realistic personalities and emotions, with which her readers can identify, and her story tells an intriguing tale of romance that gives new meaning to the phrase, “love is a battlefield!”

One Dance with a Stranger is available for purchase at  in print or Kindle.