Corona – Circles Around the Sun

Corona Circles around the sun

Corona Circles around the sun, sunset

These are pictures my niece took of a sunset in Ontario.

I am a Certified Weather Observer. The rings around the sun are called Corona. These pictures are perfect examples of Corona. Corona is boiling gases bubbling around the sun. These gases can form into fire balls and can be thrown out into space. Usually the earth’s atmosphere stops fire balls from entering our space. Corona is more active at various times throughout history. Presently Corona is very active. Watch a documentary series on the History Channel to learn more.

In the late 1800′s Sir Isaac Newton documented a fire ball entering our atmosphere and described it as ‘like the Northern Lights but more intense and red’. Now scientists predict that a fire ball entering our atmosphere could destroy all modern technology, especially hydro which would cause a ‘power surge’ and destroy it.