Christmas 2009

Last year we all gathered in Radium (a large family). My nephew Kevin and his wife arranged/made plans so each family could have a large, beautiful condo for a week. It was a thoughtful/giving gift rarely experienced. Thank you guys. It was amazing between fireplaces large luxurious spaces and family meals together with my sister Nola making some pretty fantastic stuff. Others contributed but Nola is the master cook. We went to the Radium Hot Springs and went skiing in Fairmont. There were many kids to make a wonderful Christmas with snow galore and mountain sheep grazing outside our windows.

This year we are having a quiet Christmas in the mountain wilderness. It still seems to be hectic – because it’s that time of year I guess. But my grandson is four years old this year and is fast approaching the perfect time to enjoy Christmas. He is excited and almost hyper. We play games – do you want – naming anything from Transformers to chairs. He is giggling and seems to instinctively know that Barbie dolls and dishes – ‘naa – they’re for little girls.’ He helped me decorate the tree, he loves playing with the ornaments and the snow-balls with swirling snow and Santa and Frosty. He begs every day to open – just one present please. But no – he must wait for Santa.

It is however time to teach the real meaning of Christmas. December 25th is Christ’s birthday. I am puzzled and amazed that people want to take that simple fact away. I truly believe that we should respect other people’s opinion – however that works both ways. There is no doubt December 25th is Christ’s birthday. Take whatever holidays you believe in and celebrate them. There will be no interruptions or denial by a Christian. I am getting tired of defending/demanding my beliefs be respected. I shouldn’t have to. They are my beliefs. We can celebrate and talk about every religion except Christianity. I include Science as a religion anymore. They can’t prove that God is real or not, yet they deny Him. They can’t prove we started from a speck of dust, or Darwin’s theory either – yet they believe it as a fact. The only thing they can deny without facts are the Christian beliefs/holidays. They believe Christians are evil people yet Muslims are misunderstood. Science is no longer science. I find science has become a contradiction to right and wrong.

North America (Canada and the USA) were built on Christian beliefs. Canada and the USA are the best countries in the world to live in. Democracy is based on Christian beliefs and although not perfect, democracy is the best thing we’ve come up with so far. Why are there so many vocal people wanting to change our great life and lifestyles?

I read a poem – common-sense died today. There won’t be many attending his funeral because most people have forgotten common sense even existed. I can’t remember where or I would paste the poem here. It seems like chaos and fighting are reigning.

I cannot understand what is wrong with ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself’. Or ‘thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal,’ etc. yet these beliefs are under attack. I cannot understand why.

I will do whatever in my power to put Christ back into Christmas – where peace and goodwill to man has some meaning.