Questionnaire for Authors

I am offering author interviews on my website.

Please answer the following questions and send the answers and a picture of yourself (optional) and a picture of your book(s) cover to my e-mail address:

The interviews will be placed on my website: – under Writer’s Corner (tab) – and under Author Interviews.

Author Questionnaire – Interview

  • A picture of yourself, (optional).
  • A picture of your book(s). (If you have a website I can get them for you).
  • Questionnaire
  1. Genre (if applicable) – Your name and a little about yourself.
  2. Your book(s); with a blurb on their content.
  3. Comments on your experiences in publishing (trials/problems or satisfaction).
  4. Were there any authors who influenced you or helped? If so – who?
  5. What advice would you give new authors?
  6. Best experience when writing?
  7. Worst experience when writing?
  8. Credentials/Experience
  9. Publication Date – or when it will be ready.
  10. Where people can buy your book including your web-site.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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