Teaser Trailer – Alberta Wild Rose

2. Alberta Wild Rose CoverNaive Innocence

“I know he’s gentle and sensitive.” Rose snapped.

“Gentle? Sensitive?” Conn snorted. “We can’t be talking about the same man, me darling. He only wants women to bed minus a ring. He can be mighty cold and mighty cruel as well. Be careful.”

“We’ll see.” Rose flushed. She couldn’t believe she was discussing this with her father without feeling the slightest embarrassment. “I can’t believe Dale would ever deliberately hurt me.”
Her Knight…
Only to himself would he admit her ethereal, dainty manners appealed to him in a primitive way. He was still riding high on his success and he wanted to grab her and bury himself in her lovely softness. He knew she wanted him to kiss her. Watching her lick her lips was agony. He looked over towards the crowds of people milling around and groaned. “Stop this.”
“Dale I don’t care about these people.” Rose whispered so softly he could barely hear her words.
“I think we should leave now, before you two do something too damaging to repair.” Conn pulled Rose away and led her back to the waiting carriage.
…In Tarnished Armor
‘I’m going to bed your daughter, Old Man. And then I’ll walk away. You’re pushing her right into my arms.’ He smiled grimly at his thoughts. He couldn’t do that to Conn’s daughter, could he?

“Maybe you’re right.” Dale shrugged. Personally, he found Rose’s timing very strange. “From what I’ve seen, Rose may be innocent, but she’s also a self-centered, spoiled little brat. How did she get that way, if Elizabeth didn’t do the spoiling?”

Muffling her protesting shriek, Rose spun around. She had always heard eavesdroppers heard no good about themselves but the truth was much worse than she could have imagined.
She staggered from the hall. Chaotic thoughts deluged her mind. Wandering outside, she found herself in the stables. Alone and devastated, she sank to the hay, sobbing heartbroken. Dale’s assessment of her, spoken aloud to her father, was cruel. She felt the excruciating pain pierce her like a knife cutting deep inside.

The Gold’s Curse.
“I warned you to stay out of this, delicate Rose. It’s much worse than I had imagined. Do you want to see your father dead? Stop behaving so childish.”
“What do you care?” Rose hissed. “It’s positively revolting, watching you grovel at her feet.”
For a moment she thought she saw raw accusation in his sultry eyes. Then a mysterious nonchalance crossed his features. She knew she was a fool to think this man might have some concern for her.
“Accidents happen so easily out here.” Elizabeth stepped back and smiled with cruelty when she looked at Rose. Her blue eyes clouded over ominously. “I hope you notice that, Rose dear.”
Dale loosened his hold. Rose tore his hand away.
“Something could even happen to you too, mother dearest.” Rose returned with malicious glee.
“Tie her up as well.” Elizabeth ordered imperiously…

…“What is he saying?” Elizabeth turned to Dale.
“There is no big game here, Elizabeth. It’s nearly September. It could start snowing any time now, up here. Phillip had better get here sometime in the next month. Maybe we shouldn’t anger the Gods any further. We should forget about the gold and try to figure out a way to get out of here.” Dale advised.
“You can’t be frightened by that ridiculous curse, Dale.” Elizabeth scoffed. “If so, why did you agree to bring me here?”
“No, I’m not.” Dale grinned. “But I am worried that we might starve to death, Elizabeth. I hope you didn’t kill us all by blocking the path.”

Facing Fears
The freezing ice cut through Rose’s numb body. It felt like hot needles pricking into her flesh. Forcing her stiff fingers to uncurl and continue edging down, Rose kept her eyes shut. She knew she must be near the bottom now. Dale’s predicted snowstorm was hitting in earnest. She tried not to let the rising panic take over. She had no clothes, even if she made it to the bottom safely. She would freeze to death.
“I escaped.” Her optimism continued. There must be something.
“I conquered my fear. I conquered the mountain.” She screamed into the canyon. Her voice was caught and trapped in the whirling snow.
Finally, she felt her foot touching the ground. Her head spun with relief. She forced her eyes to open and look down. She was on the ground…

…Then she no longer felt the snow, water or wind. Now she felt only darkness.
Dale set her down. She was leaning on hard rock. She heard him moving and then his exclamation of relief. Where were they? Dale struck a match. It illuminated a hollow rock. They were in a small cave behind the waterfall.

“No.” She moaned weakly. Her body felt like a block of ice. She felt the warmth of the blanket penetrate. “Get away from me. I escaped. You should let me be.”
“Now might be a good time to faint, delicate Rose.” Dale suggested, laughing slightly. “Damn, you scared me.”
“Faint?” Rose’s hazy eyes narrowed. She felt like a trapped animal. It wasn’t fair. “I don’t faint anymore. I escaped.”

The curse of a legendary mine comes true. Reality becomes escaping the madness that reigns in everyone. Come and enjoy Rose and Dale’s story in

“Alberta Wild Rose”


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  1. chuck lorre
    so what exactly occurs when everything we’ve referred to here reaches critical mass – cannot really see that taking very long the way things are – hope you folks are set for this since I believe you maybe going to get a lot of curiosity if it really does.

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