Alpha Male encounters – Travel Memories

In DallasMy husband used to work in the moving industry.  I always wanted to travel with him especially when he went to Texas.  It was amazing how often there is an exchange of people between Calgary and Texas.  I could go at least once a month if not more if I could get away.  Besides loving the Texan cowboy attitude, I also enjoyed visiting cousins.  With their precocious little girl and a delightful new baby it was fun.

Of course, just like I knew I would in Texas, I often met the Alpha male.  One incident sticks in my mind.  My husband had two helpers for the unloading.  He was in the house and being as it was so hot and sticky in Houston that day, I decided to climb the ladder to get the stuff down from the top.  Every time I lifted something my alpha male (one of the helpers) would step forward – ‘oh no, ma’am – let me get that.’  It was nice and somewhat amusing.  The other guy was just a guy and I had fun joking and talking to him.  After hearing ‘oh no ma’am’ – and being as it was starting to get to much heavier stuff, I climbed down and sat at the end of the truck.  When my nice Alpha male went into the house, the other man came up to me and said “Would you mind getting back up on the ladder.”  I kinda looked at him in a puzzled manner.  Why would he ask me that?  He immediately responded “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that guy work.”

A hilarious moment in time.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

But I didn’t climb back up.  Instead I wandered down the street to where two little girls were selling lemonade.  Paying for a few glasses in American funds, I also gave them a Canadian Loonie each ( $1.00 coin).  They were so fascinated they had to run in the house to show their mother.  (For those interested it’s called a Loonie because there is a Loon on one side of the coin).