Personal Journey: – Compassion

Today with the internet, the news channels and modern technology we hear and see unbelievable atrocities being committed around the world.  So, in our way of trying to cope and understand, we make excuses for those atrocities – saying – it’s their society – let them be, it’s not their fault, it’s how they were raised, blaming Christianity for bad behavior. Then, as though we realize, by going this direction, we can really do nothing to stop it, we as individuals become numb to the horrors happening.  We can’t do anything about it so we block it out and move on dealing with our own selfish pleasures. We want to control at least our own destinies because all else seems out of control.Have a Good Day

But what if we, because we alone can’t stop what’s happening in the world, concentrate instead, on helping those we are in contact with – those around us instead.  Would this help stem the horrors of the world?  If we help our neighbors and our family to experience a better life can we create a better society?  I believe we can. So instead of trying to change the world – change yourself.  If you smile at a stranger on the bus – you may well help them have a better day.  Do you have to ‘know’?  Can you only believe you have helped someone if you ‘know’ you have?

My suggestion would be start with your family.  If you see a member of your family is depressed or worried or sad – do something to help them in the moment.  It doesn’t have to be money like some believe.  It could be something so simple as listening without judging, smiling or making them a cup of tea.  It could be a suggestion to do something that might cheer them up.Being a Grandma

My own personal peace has increased when I realized that my compassion and kindness can be a daily task – just helping those around me.  By being aware of other people’s problems and helping in whatever way I can I feel I am contributing to help the world, without leaving home.

Without realizing it I think we are going through a time of me-me-me, more than is good for me-me-me.  Once I could honestly place myself in someone else’s shoes, I then realized more peace, more tolerance and more respect for others.  Surprisingly, compassion is as simple as feeling and caring for others.