A Writer’s Tool – The Wind

Rare Pheonomen - Fire lights

Wind in the skies.

Wind has the ability to clear my thoughts and get rid of aches in my head.  Those aches I am now aware are caused by the stress of every day living. It’s not a headache – it’s just a niggling pain inside.


Strathmore Parade - Horses


I have always loved the wind even as a child and teen.  Often I  still have an urge to feel the wind. When I was young I often combined the feeling of the wind with riding my horse.  When I felt  the urge for wind and there was none, I rode my horse. I no longer have a horse – so instead I use my vehicle, windows rolled down and speeding down a lonely road.

Prairie Storms

A storm brews in the winds on the prairies.

When I am confused and uptight whether in my writing or in my life, I seek the comfort of the wind.  I find the wind to be one of the greatest writing tools I have.

Rainbow at Victoria Ferries

Amidst the hustle of everyday living – the wind and storm create beauty and cleared my mind.

Elements – Wind



The breeze does blow,

The air is sweet, clears the mind.

The day is beautiful.  Not still or smothered.

Watch in awe as the wind builds,

rotating to fury.

Mesmerized by the sight.

Stop and stare.  Fury all around.

Smashing houses like a swirling twig.

Ignore the danger.

Watch the supremacy.

We are only pawns.  We can’t

Deny or change God and nature.

…by Mary M. Forbes


As a child horses symbolized freedom to me.  The wind seemed to blow all worries and problems away until there was nothing left inside except a feeling of exhilaration and enjoyment.  Thinking of this I recall writing a poem – from a horses’ point of view. I found the poem and wanted to share it with you. It brings back memories of a time when life was carefree and problems easily solved thanks to my horse.


I love the feel of the wind, whistling through my mane.

I love the sound of my hooves, go pounding down the lane.

I love the feeling of freedom, that only my heart must know.

I love the call of the wild, this feeling I must show.

On a high mountain crag, in a valley so low.

No man on earth can catch me.  The whole world I show.

The last rays of sunlight, sink over the deserted sands.

I’ll take my very last gallop, over across the lands.