To Feel: – Peace/Light

Look towards the sky after a storm passes.  Black. rolling clouds churn overhead and suddenly a light, with rays of beams break through.  A feeling of peace, of contentment spread within.  There is someone overhead watching.  I choose to believe it’s God.  It’s as though I know it’s God.  It is a feeling within I feel intensely.

by Carol of Malibu Photography


Look to a sunset, see the light.  Again a feeling spreads within.  I am so happy to feel this and it has carried me through many obstacles in life.

 by Carol of Malibu Photography

 It always seems as though when I am down as low as I can go, the sky creates light for me. My spirits lift.  I wish I could give this to everyone as a gift of lightness.

On my way to Calgary

There is a lake – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – called Lake Louise, between my place in the mountains to Calgary. Along the route there is a small town beside the lake.   My friend and professional photographer, Carol of Malibu Dreams Photography, took this picture and I think anyone can understand why it is  one of seven wonders.

Lake Louise is fed by glaciers in Roger’s Pass.  It goes to the Bow River, providing Calgary’s wonderful water.  It is an amazing place to visit and a wonderful place to dream – a writer and photographer paradise.