Calgary – The Zoo

Calgary’s Zoo is in a world caliber of great zoos to visit.  It includes a complex dinosaur park with plants and foliage of that period in history.  I spent many hours with my children, exploring the site from Polar bears, to nocturnal animals. Now, I look forward to taking my grandchildren with the same awe and delight. A day at the zoo was a wonderful journey.  During the Calgary Olympics, Calgary had two Panda Bears from China. One of my sons wanted to go nearly every day to watch them. I tried to make it possible for him.

Recently my son took his daughter to the zoo.  The day was beautiful and sunny – a perfect spring day.  He would still be considered a dangerous animal just as he was when he was younger.

At the Zoo children can interact with animals or become an animal themselves. There are those that continue the tradition as adults as well.