The Garden

In the spring I see articles and pictures extolling the virtues of growing your own gardens and living the simple life.  There are even some who feel it should be incorporated and made mandatory.  So I wrote this very simple poem.  It’s the differences that should be celebrated and seen.

A rose in the water

The Garden

I like to plant a garden to sit and watch it grow.

The miracle, the satisfaction, everyone should know.

I like to plant a garden and wish that you did too.

But that is me and you are you.

I see that you do not slightly care

I try to tell you – its fun let’s all share.

I get frustrated and sometimes even mad.

Inside the ache and feel it’s just too sad.

I see you are busy making the tools,

The tools I use in my garden. I am a fool.

Who will make them for me?

If we all have a garden.  Now I see.

Another writes the book I want to read.

As I watch my tiny little seeds.

Another sews the clothes I wear

Another does not slightly care.

I see the light and I can see.

You are you and I am me.

Stop the fighting. Stop the blame.

Not seeing the light is such a shame.