Life Changing Days – Alone not Lonely

Perhaps one of the most important things my parents taught is the ability to be alone without feeling lonely.  These lessons were rarely just told to us, they were lessons that were just done. If I wanted to be alone – I could.  If I wanted company it was always available.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

I imagine many times my mom especially hoped for some ‘space’ of her own.  Dad at least got to go out into the fields, working the land – alone. Mom always had kids around, even when we were mostly all going to school.  The kids got alone time – and I especially got it whenever my chores were done.  I learned to love alone time.

My alone time was either hiding (in an empty room) – my writing and crafts I continually did whenever an idea popped in my mind (usually when it was too cold outside) or riding my horse across endless amounts of prairies, sloughs and hills.  Wind against my face chases all my concerns away, if only for a time.  My dreaming is only halted by the limits my imagination – and never my imagination rarely lacks ideas.

The Red Stallion


From what I see in today’s society – this freedom for a child, is rarely available.  All activities are monitored very closely I see.  I cry for those who will never experience being alone as a child.