Freedom of Speech

As a writer I fear that our freedom of speech and our controversial opinions might be slowly taken away from us.  We should all be concerned.

Yes, there are ugly things said against various people.  As a blonde, farmer’s daughter, Roman Catholic, woman of German ancestry – I can vouch for many horrible, hurtful, mean things being said on all of these things I am.  I choose to – consider the source, ignore comments, walk away or even laugh at the stupidity. Never once did I complain to anyone – including the government or demand rules and regulations be placed to ‘protect’ me.  Against words – I can protect myself quite well.  I am a writer.  Words are my specialty.

Sticks and stones can break my bones…
But names can never hurt me. 

Have we now taken ‘political correctness’ to unreasonable limits?  If we can’t say what we feel or know is true – what harm comes from it?  Freedom of speech – and the truth will both be lost.  Our history books cannot be accurate without telling the truth.

I am seeing ‘political correctness’ is very one-sided and often against the majorities.  How did this happen?  Why is it okay to bash Christians and yet not okay to oppose and say anything against atheists?  Why is it okay to teach The Theory of Evolution in schools – yet not teach Christianity?  Why is it okay to have books on ‘Dick and Dick’ in our school libraries – yet not bible stories?  Why is it okay to tell  dumb blonde jokes on TV – but not jokes about so called minorities?  The list could go on and on.  Should we suppress everything?  As a blonde, farmer’s daughter, Roman Catholic, woman of German Ancestry – and especially as a writer – I say adamantly – NO.

The first Thanksgiving

This picture is a fantasy – historically incorrect. It is only an artist’s opinion of what would be nice – if it were true? It does not belong in our schools.

I recently heard that there are stories in schools of Thanksgiving Day being a time when settlers sat down with Natives to celebrate the bounty of their harvests.  I have seen pictures of this.  It is absolutely and completely – a lie. This is an inaccuracy of the history being taught in our schools.  Does anyone care?

Do you really believe society can stop hatred and uncivilized behavior by telling lies? Newsflash – you can’t cure ignorance.  Newsflash – a joke is a joke and laughter is very good medicine – for everyone. Learn to separate those two things and learn to walk away from ignorant people – they will finally understand – or not.  You do have the option of not agreeing.

All writer’s should be very worried about this creeping problem that is taking away our Freedom of Speech.