Writing – Individual Creativity

One of the most often heard advice for writers is:  – write whether you feel like it or not. Free style writing – is not free at all.  I cannot seem to force myself to write anything.

I used to seriously worry about that and pondered over my ability to ever be a good/true writer.  I just can’t write something down when my mind is blank.  That rule is my procrastination. I go watch TV, read a book or even play a computer game.  I find excuses – I need to clean the house, I need to visit my grandchildren and the list of excuses could probably get me writing the list down at least.  If I go to the computer – my mind is again blank.

Over the years I noticed that often watching TV, taking a walk,  watching my grandchildren or reading a book was much better inspiration than forcing myself to write – I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know... a thousand times.  That was after seeing the advice that not only should I write every day – but some actually force myself to a word count.  Oh horrors.

I have been out of school for so many years – what’s next?  Someone is going to write an article – or advice saying what the topic should be just like writing essays in school.  Write a thousand words on how good sharks really are – what?  I don’t think sharks are good at all.  They eat people.  It’s a proven fact – whether they are hungry or not – who cares?  If you’re eaten does it really matter that the shark was just hungry?

Then there are those who cry about a messy or even dirty house and they are always assured it’s quite alright – all writers are apt to ignore housework in favor of writing, because possibly they are that inspired it is right to ignore the dirt?  Again I wonder about my abilities to write.  I must sit down to a clean desk and a clean house.  My inspiration and creativity is lost if I’m sitting in a mess.  I watch the dust bunnies float around – I smell the fact I haven’t changed the litter-box and the inspiration I feel – just isn’t there.  I guess my writing is just a hobby.  I just can’t do it.

I am a morning person – I am apt to dose and yawn if I’m up too late.  It’s not an age thing – I’ve been doing it since I was a child.  So I bounce out of bed and greet the morning with a smile, all ambitious and eager to do whatever inspires me.  It could be writing, it could be taking a walk, it could be – God forbid, I might clean my house, sparkling clean.

Then I read many writers can write in the darkness and silence of night. This could especially apply to mothers of little children.  I have children and they were little too at one time.  But I can’t because I’m too tired.  It’s becoming so obvious I’m not a writer.  I just don’t do anything the way I’m ‘supposed’ to.

Then I wake up one morning (during the height of my creativity) I realize there are no rules – just write what you want.  There are rules publishing companies impose – there are rules some (never all because they are individuals too) readers might impose – but there are no rules for the writer himself if he wants to write.  Just write if you feel the urge – it doesn’t matter where or when.

I have seen using the rule – write when you want, write what you want – has created four published books for me.  Not once did I stay up in the middle of the night, sit in a dirty house or force myself to write when I wasn’t inspired.

The rules people apply to writers – are not ‘written in stone’. It’s a relief to know that for now I can write and not worry about whether I’m a writer or not.  I am!

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