Personal Journeys: – Peace

I am discovering it might be impossible to separate religion from politics. It is our Christian values/principles that have created a peaceful society we all enjoy in North America. If these values/principles are no longer taught – will we remain at peace? (and specifically with the hostility/anger floating around by changing this – can we?)  Some countries are not fighting – but are ruled by fear and force,(dictators and laws)/not freedom. Do the people feel at peace?  It is a dilemma I’m trying to work through. Can anyone help me and explain the way?

Here in North America I have only known peace from the time I was born until now.  I do not go to sleep at night worrying about being bombed in my sleep; I do not wake up to scrounge around for food so I don’t starve.  I do not go outside worrying about whether I will be assaulted or killed.  I am not wearing rags and searching for something to heat my home. I enjoy all the things a prosperous, industrious country can provide.   Every day I thank God for my life.  I also thank our Christian ancestors as well.  Those people who had the knowledge and ability to give us this opportunity – to live in Peace.

A wish for you

As I grow older, I am seeing a ‘Great Divide’ happening that makes me sad. Without teaching our children our values and principles, one of the things we are denying them is this peace we have enjoyed.  As we allow others to change our laws we are also changing our core beliefs as well.  For some reason tolerance, reason and respect are values that no longer apply. The more we try ‘new things’ the worse it appears to be.  It’s all lopsided and topsy-turvy.   If changes create chaos and uncertainty – then why are we changing?

Yes, we have fought in wars – we have lost many good men and women throughout the decades.  But we also knew what we were fighting for in the past – to maintain our freedom and peace.  Is the great society we managed to create crumbling? Why do we fight now?  I understand Afghanistan after 9/11 and most people who understand freedom and peace should.  After 9/11 our belief we were safe was lost.  Way back in Roman times – Rome spread their armies thin and fought skirmishes (but not wars) and as history reveals – people resist when someone tries to force their beliefs them. Meanwhile back in Rome – decadence, ignorance, corrupt governing and the belief their way of life would go on forever went rampant.  We all know what happened in Rome.  Why repeat it?

I study history extensively.  I see very clearly – peace (with happiness)  is obtained through – individual (not collective) rights.  Peace is obtained through tolerance, reason and respect in all – to accept the individual, the differences.  Peace cannot be forced upon others.  Peace is a lesson which Christianity teaches very effectively.  By taking away freedom and individual rights we only create chaos and suppression and unending fighting.  This is something we fought so hard to avoid – yet many today are trying to create.  Why?

Are there people really so arrogant as to believe they can succeed where all others have failed? If you compare Karl Marx to Grimm’s fairy-tales can you see a connection?  On paper Karl Marx created an idealist world and the Grimm brothers created fairy-tales. Neither is the truth or real, yet many believe it’s possible.  Once anyone (don’t forget we are individuals so it’s only a fairy-tale being pursued) creates Marx perfect world what is next – how will we keep everyone thinking the same?  Brainwashing?  Medication? A robot society?  I personally don’t believe God will let us do that.

Jesus on the other hand –  taught (not forced) us a way to obtain peace and harmony. Jesus teaches individual, peace, harmony, faith, hope, tolerance and compassion.  Why is it considered wrong or ignorant to follow him by some? What threat is Jesus in some people’s mind?

Here in North America. so long as He existed in our societies we knew and saw it work.  Are we about to lose that?Judgement