Romance and Reality: – Finances

When it comes to romance and a guaranteed way to stifle any interest – there is arguments about finances.  Statistics say this is one of the main causes of divorce.

This is not a matter of being rich or poor. It is important to live within your means but many don’t.  Explore your opinions and those of your partners.  I can’t stress enough, the importance of knowing and understanding the person you are with.  If you meet someone and their idea of fun is to go spend and it’s beyond their means – he/she might be fun to be with. They can become addictive.  But stop the roller-coaster ride and decide if this is what you want for a life.  Enjoy your time with him/her – but I would suggest not to think of him/her as a life-long partner if you are not of the same mind.

When you need money to fix your stove, if you have to re-mortgage your home because of someone else’s mismanagement there is little room for romance or love. Sometimes circumstances are beyond your control.  That would ideally be the time you would work together to solve your problems.

On the other hand if you are of a like mind and both spend foolishly, there may be no arguments but a possibility of uncontrollable debts in your life.  Or if you can have constructive conversations with a person without fighting and come up with a mutual solution, it’s a huge burden off any relationship.

If not, I guarantee there will be hostility and resentment when dealing jointly with your financial situation.

So consider what is important to you and the person you are with, the person you love.  When the excitement of a new relationship burns low – you will have problems igniting romance if you can’t come to an agreements when dealing with finances.