Perils of a Writer

In the past, before internet marketing, I wrote often.  My mind was full of ideas and I made time to read as well – enjoyable reading, not technical books all the time.  I ended up writing, editing and having professional editors/critiques as well for each of my four completed novels.  When I received a rejection I normally shelved that novel and wrote another.  In the end I completed four novels – three historical romances and one contemporary romance with full editing. I have also completed two other historical romances in the draft stages.

Two years ago I tried publishing through Authorhouse.  Being somewhat lazy I realized one thing – most publishing houses are in the USA for fiction and most USA publishing companies won’t take international postage. So I wasn’t sending out my works to be rejected.  I was just writing another story.  Authorhouse was a disaster – strictly giving them money to – format, design a cover (All those things – being an office worker, I knew how to do) and put me onto a company to do my website – a company who did little, ignored me and consequently my website was ignored too. I had copious amount of intricate information that made no sense.  So I ignored it and started another story – which is my true calling isn’t it? Authorhouse then expected me to buy my own book (at a price I would feel guilty charging a customer) –  to market them myself.  Again loads of instructions – none making sense.  I couldn’t afford their marketing but ended up putting thousands into their programs and again – nothing.

So again ignoring them – I started to write another story.  Maybe I would drive down to the States and get a post-office box and their postage and really concentrate on trying to get a traditional publisher.  But first I should write my next story. I at least know how to do that.

Last fall, a few things fell into place.  I discovered WordPress, Create Space and Amazon. I could – having the ability – format my own books.  Having taking Adobe Photoshop courses at Washington University I could also design my own covers.  Then I discovered Linked-In – with their discussions – real author discussions with help I could understand.  But when I tried to set-up my own website I was still having problems and I first realized something – try as I might – I can’t do it all.  A website is an important part of setting up your business – I have already discovered that a website alone won’t help you.  Then I recruited the services of Harriet a WordPress specialist, Simply Divine Web Design and she became my life-line.  Her advice and help at a reasonable cost helps me so much – and I took my first important step – my own website.  She links everything for me and gives me advice on nearly every aspect of marketing – setting up a business.

I am well on the way to understanding ‘internet marketing’ but I advise writer’s especially – not to waste your time trying to do your website on your own.  I am a writer – and want to write my new story.  There are some things just too complicated to learn and write as well. For those things you don’t have the time to learn – search for a reasonably priced specialist.

I am hoping I can soon go back to writing my new story ‘Angels Among Us’ – a romance suspense.  This will be a new endeavor – loads of research as I am dealing with spousal abuse and grief – and want to offer hope as well.  All this weaved into a romance makes a challenge I can’t resist.