Resources – Researching

I love researching.  When I was younger – I researched, just for the sake of researching.  I would hear something and it stemmed copious amounts of searching what topics fascinated me.

Mount Rushmore – my question – at the time this was being created – what was the Native reaction? That one question could stem a whole story.

Now, as I write, some research is not so fascinating.  Right now my latest work involves doing research on a coroners office and their duties.  I thought perhaps it was just in my mind – I enjoyed Crossing Jordan and Quincy  television dramas.  Unfortunately – although there is a lot of information I have – I need more.  It is a quirk – I must be accurate.  It may only be one paragraph – but regardless, it must be accurate.

Some people say they don’t like history.  I think that is too broad and general.  There has to be parts of the past that are interesting to everyone.

I started out Alberta Wild Rose by talking to another guy about all those abandoned gold mines (and there are many – British Columbia put out a map of real, true abandoned mines and ghost-towns).  Some you can reach by car and some you can’t.  That fascinated me as well. I wanted to reach the ones that couldn’t be seen by a vehicle.  The Lost Lemon mine started my story.  No one knows if it’s true or not.  There is the legend of the curse which seemed to play out – people who went insane or were killed in horrible ways – after claiming to touch the gold.  As a fiction, not a ‘theory’ article I was given free license to pursue beliefs combining real historical figures and as much fiction/ideas as I wanted.

There are just too many facets of history to be ignored.  Even when one considers modern illness and writes a piece it’s interesting to know where we came from and where we are now.  At one time it was believed that an epileptic attack was an indication a person was either ‘possessed’ or was insane.  What I find interesting about that historical fact – one would be religion – but one wasn’t.  So when I hear someone talk about the horrors religion did – I say – get your facts straight.  How we treat insanity – or in a epilepsy case,whether it is insanity or not, has nothing to do with religion.

When you do your research (necessary for even modern stories) examine all sides and form your own opinion – not someone else’s.  Enjoy – research is really one of the pleasant parts of writing.