Personal Journey: – Charity

‘Charity begins at home.’ – was just another phrase I heard from my parents.  It did not really register in my mind.  Of course you do what your parent’s tell you. That is giving isn’t it?  But what about doing something they don’t tell you to do?

Over the years there have been many simple, direct comments made that seem to light a bulb in my head. That didn’t happen with charity until  I heard Glenn Beck say “When I reach the Pearly Gates of Heaven I will not be called “Glenn Beck and party of ten”.  I will be alone.  God will want to know what I have done – individually, not collectively. Now, oddly that tied in with my parents telling me ‘Charity begins at home.’ The pearly gates

At that moment, I realized that giving to others – was not the money I gave to abstract charities, it was not the amount of taxes I paid for a government to distribute ‘my charity’ for me.  It was and always has been what I do myself.  I am not in any way advocating not giving to charity.  I just believe some research should be done to ensure that actual charity is involved. Anyone can say anything they want and we all know there are many scams and cons happening that always seem to play on our guilt – by calling us, especially in North America, selfish and therefore greedy.

I’m sure that propaganda being perpetuated is having an impact on us, just as surely as any propaganda does. We are being brainwashed into believing we are selfish, yet North America gives more money to charity than anywhere else in the world.  Even knowing our governments are not efficient we pay hefty taxes all in the name of helping others. But it always seems those that need, never improve while their governments prosper and become ‘fat cats’ we all condemn.  Yet we continue letting this happen.

Beck went on to say – it starts with you.  Help your family, friends and neighbors – they in turn help their friends, family and neighbors and it begins to spread – until it spreads all over the world.

So now, instead of worrying about everyone in the world (being as I’m not rich and it only increases my feelings of helplessness) I decided to try that simple plan.  I am so pleased to know it is working.  By concentrating on helping or showing kindness to those I meet and know, I am much more at peace with myself and I see the results immediately.  There is less stress and pressure in my life now and people in turn show me kindness.  It works!!

I am now more aware that for those who have urges to help in under-developed countries there are ways to do that as well.  From Habitat for Living to various religious organizations you can volunteer your services.  You don’t need money, just your time to get involved with whatever your Holy Spirit guides you to.

Good luck in your own personal journey and don’t be upset if you are guided in a direction you didn’t think of going.  Follow the teachings of Jesus in your own personal life and you will be much happier.

Paul - with God