Three simple tips on Free Internet Marketing Advice

As I maneuver through marketing advice, I am trying desperately to make sense of the knowledge I am gaining.  I need a simple, organized method.
As of now I have come up what I consider three of the most important points that help me achieve my goals without confusion and panic.  There is loads of advice, but most fledgling authors can’t afford to pay for everything and there are as many scams as there is legitimate advice.


  1. Target your market.  This can be something like googling  your genre  – and joining sites where readers join it.  For my genre (romance) I have checked out cooking/craft sites – as well as single sites.  If the Single sites produces a newsletter – it is very possible to get an interview to promote your book. So also check those sites that might pertain to your readers interests as well. Check out sites for cities or events in the places you write about.
  2. Do not spread yourself thin.  Pick a few marketing sites and become familiar with them until you reach the point you can move around with comfort and speed. Do the marketing for the day required until it isn’t time-consuming.  (examples for writers: – facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube, goodreads, shelfari,). Only move on to others after you’ve mastered this concept.  You can set-up a profile page for the sites, make a list of the sites, then check them off when you’ve learned how to apply marketing concepts as an author.
  3. Do three marketing projects a day – which means 15 a week.  Take a few consecutive days in a row off each week to unwind.  Don’t get caught in a trap where you suffer burn-out and quit.

Calgary Sunset - May 2014