Resources – A change is good as a rest.

I get up in the morning and after my required coffee and staring into space for a time, I sit at my computer and I type a paragraph.  It is stilted.  It is worse than those I even accept as being ‘okay’.  The more I think of ways to improve it, the worse it becomes.

Swimming hole and Bromley Rock

My grandson runs into the room.  It is a sunny, bright day.  He wants to be outside.  I look out at the sunshine streaming over my flowers and lawns.  It has been an unusually rainy spring, early summer.  It’s time to do something.  ‘Let’s go to a fruit-stand’ I suggest to my daughter and grandson.  The orchards involve a drive through narrow valleys.  I remember my camera and for my grandson’s sake – I stop at the local sites.  I also stop for selfish reasons – between the slow RV’s and construction, even short distances become irritating to drive on the narrow, two-lane highway. The stops are peaceful and refreshing.

This is our swimming-hole if people don’t feel like driving into Penticton with its’ two huge lakes and two wide, large beaches in the centre of town.  Sometimes you can watch people jump from Bromley Rock as the river is deep here.

This spring most rivers flooded from spring run-off and the copious amount of snow in the winter, combined with pouring rain all spring.  As it receded the water left intriguing roots and trees behind. I arrived home, refreshed and ready to write again.  Sometimes it isn’t worth sitting and trying to a point of frustration.  A change is as good as a rest.

Intriguing roots and trees

I have been talking to my author buddy and in the process of our discussions and his suggestion – I am going to try another method or change in my writing habits.  I mentioned to him that I often plot out my chapters, conversations and scenes in my head before I fall asleep.  This method keeps the story fresh in my mind and also helps me drop off to sleep.  Now, instead of ‘dropping off’ to sleep I am going to get up and write the scene.  I am a morning person and am usually too tired at night to concentrate.  However, the scenes in my head are often so much better than what I write. (Isn’t that always the case?)  I will see soon if ‘a change is as good as a rest’ in this case.