Romance and Reality – Spiritual Beliefs

Most people are religious in some way.  However there are people who believe religion is the ‘be all/end all’  of the world problems. As our society moves forward to a ‘collective society’ of sameness religious beliefs are as archaic as those Greeks Gods of ancient times.

I have often heard and had conversations of how suppressing religions can be and I may agree- in the past.  As a Christian I do not see that suppression people discuss, and although they can respect their opinions and only ask the same in return.  When I hear of people who would destroy a cross in our free countries I cringe.  When I hear people who would have God taken out of our anthems and schools I want to cry.

Now imagine trying to form a romantic relationship with such opposite beliefs.  Is it possible?  I think that people should investigate personal beliefs before they jump into a relationship. I shudder to imagine the arguments and fights of such opposite opinions – especially in this day and age when hostility without respect is raging supreme.

If a Christian does something wrong does that mean Christianity is bad – considering it teaches only love, kindness and helping others?