Life Changing Days – A Surprise Journey

In many cases researching your ancestry are discoveries of how much their journeys created this wonderful life we all experience in North America.  Although I did discover my ancestors built and created so much of what I enjoy today through back-breaking work and plowing through extreme set-backs and hardships.  But  that wasn’t the most important thing I discovered.

Mary with her sisters

Our farm, in the distant past, is no more.  It was lost to encroaching government control, taxes and the burdens of modern society.  I have no monetary inheritance or anything to show for my ancestor’s hard work. Some might be bitter and resentful but I can’t be, because it is of no importance to me.  I was taught better. I am an individual and can make my own path.

By researching and recalling wonderful times, those times too numerous to list, I discovered the most important things in life – those priceless moments – are and should truly be counted in your family and friends.  Nothing else is so important.

Mom and kids at Dad's funeral

My family and friends will always ensure I am happy.

I am truly the richest person on earth.