Perils of a Writer

In the past, before internet marketing, I wrote often.  My mind was full of ideas and I made time to read as well – enjoyable reading, not technical books all the time.  I ended up writing, editing and having professional editors/critiques as well for each of my four completed novels.  When I received a rejection I normally shelved that novel and wrote another.  In the end I completed four novels – three historical romances and one contemporary romance with full editing. I have also completed two other historical romances in the draft stages.

Two years ago I tried publishing through Authorhouse.  Being somewhat lazy I realized one thing – most publishing houses are in the USA for fiction and most USA publishing companies won’t take international postage. So I wasn’t sending out my works to be rejected.  I was just writing another story.  Authorhouse was a disaster – strictly giving them money to – format, design a cover (All those things – being an office worker, I knew how to do) and put me onto a company to do my website – a company who did little, ignored me and consequently my website was ignored too. I had copious amount of intricate information that made no sense.  So I ignored it and started another story – which is my true calling isn’t it? Authorhouse then expected me to buy my own book (at a price I would feel guilty charging a customer) –  to market them myself.  Again loads of instructions – none making sense.  I couldn’t afford their marketing but ended up putting thousands into their programs and again – nothing.

So again ignoring them – I started to write another story.  Maybe I would drive down to the States and get a post-office box and their postage and really concentrate on trying to get a traditional publisher.  But first I should write my next story. I at least know how to do that.

Last fall, a few things fell into place.  I discovered WordPress, Create Space and Amazon. I could – having the ability – format my own books.  Having taking Adobe Photoshop courses at Washington University I could also design my own covers.  Then I discovered Linked-In – with their discussions – real author discussions with help I could understand.  But when I tried to set-up my own website I was still having problems and I first realized something – try as I might – I can’t do it all.  A website is an important part of setting up your business – I have already discovered that a website alone won’t help you.  Then I recruited the services of Harriet a WordPress specialist, Simply Divine Web Design and she became my life-line.  Her advice and help at a reasonable cost helps me so much – and I took my first important step – my own website.  She links everything for me and gives me advice on nearly every aspect of marketing – setting up a business.

I am well on the way to understanding ‘internet marketing’ but I advise writer’s especially – not to waste your time trying to do your website on your own.  I am a writer – and want to write my new story.  There are some things just too complicated to learn and write as well. For those things you don’t have the time to learn – search for a reasonably priced specialist.

I am hoping I can soon go back to writing my new story ‘Angels Among Us’ – a romance suspense.  This will be a new endeavor – loads of research as I am dealing with spousal abuse and grief – and want to offer hope as well.  All this weaved into a romance makes a challenge I can’t resist.

Thanks to Vivienne – One World Singles Magazine

I met Vivienne Dianne Neal through Linked-In groups and want to thank her for the opportunity for a review in the magazine.  Thank you Vivienne.


From the time I was a child I loved country living, country life and especially cowboys and horses.  Even as a teen I was upset when my mother moved into a small town after my father passed away.  I longed for the freedom of roaming outdoors in spaces only imagined to some – but a  definitive reality to keep me focused and sane.

I was forced to move to cities in order to work.  I continued to dream of the freedom I knew when I was young.  I married an ‘asphalt’ cowboy (a long-haul truck driver) and often I remained at home raising our children.  But sometimes I went with him and travelling became a form of freedom again.

When I lived in Calgary I discovered many ways to escape –  from going to Fish Creek Park to visiting  forts in the near regions of the city.  There were many options to listen to and enjoy my lovely country music as well.  The Calgary Stampede, although crowded, offered me the thrill of watching cowboys, bucking bronco’s and races.  In all my travels Calgary became my city of choice – followed by San Antonio in Texas.

As I dreamed I discovered another fascinating concept.  I could write my dreams down – and escape into that world I loved so much.  I was often at home and my children were now in school.  So my writing career began. I took courses, joined groups, attended conventions and edited/critiqued other works.  Now, I can escape into my perfect world, regardless of where I am.  I can create an atmosphere and relieve stress by becoming involved with my characters.

Forever an optimist with hope in my heart, I love creating stories with happy endings and overcoming severe conflicts to obtain that end.  I have written three historical romances, set in the colorful, little known Canadian West which makes Hawk’s Gift, (Canada’s Civil War) Alberta Wild Rose (fabled Lost Lemon Gold Mine in Crowsnest Pass)  and Paradise on the Horizon (homesteading in the wilderness) true romance stories, using a unique setting. My latest published romance is a contemporary romance and set in the cowboy atmosphere of Calgary, Alberta. They are all available in Soft Cover as well as e-books at or Kindle and other bookstores on the internet.

I am presently working on a romance suspense “Angels Among Us” which I hope to have available in the fall of 2012.

Designing Book Covers

Designing Covers

My current project is a suspense story called Angels Among Us.  When my mind is over-consumed or stymied, I turn to designing covers for my latest novel for a break.  Today I designed a cover I like and will possibly use. The couple I used is my niece and her husband.  The picture behind is a picture I took of the sunset last night in the mountains.