Resources – Motivation

I heard Debbie Macomber – romance author –  speak at a convention put on by the Alberta Romance Writer’s Association in Calgary.  It was quite a few years ago – yet I still remember – her ability to motivate was phenomenal.  She spoke with enthusiastic zeal and I found myself wanting to rush home and write – because I needed and wanted to.  I applaud her ability to motivate.

Unfortunately, Debbie hasn’t answered my requests to stand beside me and motivate me when I just don’t feel like writing.    So I need to investigate tools that might motivate me to write.  Although I find an odd variety of information I gain from researching helpful in new ideas and stories, what about the story I’m writing at the moment?  It’s easy to put it aside and start a new one.  But it doesn’t go towards helping complete a novel.  I often hear people, acquaintances, friends and relatives, who want to write a  novel.  I know of a rare few who do so although they might have a box of ‘ideas’ all ready.Seraphim

Everyone must find their own motivation.  Although other people can help – in the end it’s up to you to complete a novel, no one else can do it for you.  For myself there are various methods I use for motivation.  I have three contacts I often receive advice from which is motivation to me.  I was at a stalemate in writing my new novel – Seraphim.  I want to thank Lesley Fletcher – her subtle words, not intending to tell me what to do, motivated me.  Just a slight direction change and my creative juices started flowing.  Thanks to Lesley, Harriet and Sean, those three people who often keep me focused.


5 Pillars of the Gypsy

I have discovered that nature, a fun time with friends (like a group going to the Calgary Stampede) or a visit to a place I love (Heritage Park in Calgary) all motivate me.  I find  watching a child motivates me. Studying interaction between people I don’t know motivates me. I am a people-watcher without being obvious by just staring. Traveling motivates me. Spring motivates me.  Sunshine motivates me. Rain and rainbows motivate me.  Horses motivate me. Sometimes a movie or a book motivates me – either as learning what to do or what not to do.

Everyone must search their own methods for motivation.  Motivation –  will definitely help you complete your story.   Good luck.

Outside Calgary in the rain