Where are we going?

Three horses at sunset in foothillsBoth my parents and grandparents often predicted a well-known quote – ‘idle hands are the devil’s work’.  They worried about the impact leisure time would have on our society and people.  Their predictions are coming to fruit. We, with our modern society, have copious amounts of time to concentrate on what to do with that time. Many are intent on themselves and their own pleasure.  If that means ignoring the teaching of the bible, so be it.  In order to justify the pleasures of leisure time or so as not to justify their behavior, some scoff at the bible and don’t care what they are doing.  There will be no punishment or judging so there is no need to worry either.  

Some, believe we need to go back to a simpler time in history and there are many who will and do play on this with false information –  most intent on gaining power and especially that much coveted money. Some followers truly believe it.  Downsize, don’t leave your carbon footprint, eat organic, go green or we are a selfish, greedy society, especially in North America where we have too much. But that simple life means working from sunup to sundown without conveniences. There is little time to pursue leisurely activities.  Truth be told – very few people I meet or know could actually survive in this simple/stress free world my grandparents lived in. I lived that stress free/simple life in the middle of nowhere as a child.  It wasn’t simple and it certainly wasn’t stress free.

Since I was a child, North American people have been giving generously to third-world countries and anyone who needs help. Those countries who have little and those countries that live the so called ‘simple life’.  With generous, giving hearts we continue to pour money – through our governments and ourselves we give and give.  But does anyone see an improvement?  I don’t.  I only see some people conning us – setting  themselves above God – getting rich, feeding on our guilt, fear and our desire to help others.  How many people today pay taxes and leave it to the government to do our charity work?  What exactly are governments doing to improve third world countries?   

But what is too much?  Who will decide this?  What is the ruler being used to decide this?  Are you going to have any say in what is too much?   Our ancestors worked so hard to create what we have today. Should we feel guilty because others didn’t?  My ancestors did live a more simple life – supposedly – hard physical labor with no conveniences.  The romanticizing of this simple life is just more false information people are being told and believing.  It was not a more simple life, without conveniences like hydro, vehicles and sprays to grow crops, enough to feed the world population. There was very little leisure time except Sunday (which still involved work like feeding the livestock or cooking on a wood/coal stove).  Sunday was set aside for a day of rest – family and friends gathering and playing.  There was still no time to think of yourself or how hard-done you were.  You had little time to question your life – you just did what you had to in order to survive.  

So, I believe today we must all ‘look-back’ – yes – but not to a time when we had nothing but to a time when people helped others and weren’t so self-centered, creating this ‘me’ society.  Discover the time when our principles and morals were in place.  It may surprise some that it was this time when children were taught Christian values and beliefs we prospered beyond our wildest imagination.  That was the time we in North America were building the greatest society ever experienced on this earth.  Rejoice and enjoy what our ancestors have built for us.  

Fort Whoop Up - wagon wheels propped against fort wall