Romance and Reality: – Work

How much attention do you need in a relationship?  That is a question everyone should ask themselves – especially when their partner’s work requires so much alone time.

I married a truck-driver.  His hours, even now are long.  Often he isn’t here.  When the children were young I was required to handle all their appointments and activities mainly by myself. Often I had to work as well to help financially.

He was a great father and took the kids whenever he was home.  Now he does that with our grandson and is his ‘best buddy’.  On Father’s Day I asked my grandson what made poppa special.  He replied – ‘because he makes me happy when I am sad’.  My grandson is only six and I felt it was a great compliment.

Instead of getting angry and upset because he worked so much – I started seriously learning my writing skills as the children went to school and got older.  Truck drivers have a phenomenal rate of divorce according to statistics.  To marry a person who isn’t often there is a skill of learning to like yourself and do your specific activities for you.  It is a balancing act that requires some skill and thought, but if you can deal with being alone often and concentrate on ‘quality’ it can be a long and happy relationship.

Instead of concentrating on the amount of time required more thought should be put into ‘quality’ – not ‘quantity’.  Reality is people are required to work to be independent and look after their family.