Unintentional Breaks

Getting ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with my family, I was also deep into discovering the mysteries that plague a self-published author as well.

Then just over a week before Christmas someone took my fate out of my hands.  After a few hours of burning, unbearable pain I asked my husband to take me to the hospital.  After blood-tests and C.A.T. scans as well as X-rays, I was rushed into surgery to have my Appendix removed.  The nurses, doctors kept asking on a scale of one to ten…  and I readily gave the pain a 9 each time.  I will always reserve 10 for child-birth only.  (Perhaps to keep men guessing as is my way).  Some mysteries will always remain mysteries for at least half the population.

My recovery was swift after the operation.  I am nearly whole again (minus an appendix) after only a few weeks.  I am in awe of modern surgery that makes this possible.  A little incision in my belly-button is healing compared to my sister’s ancient surgery of a huge cut across her abdomen.  Thank you for modern technology.

I didn’t forget my writing, so much as felt too weak and lazy to pursue them.  Now I’m back and concentrating on my work again. Welcome Year 2013.  I look forward to all you will offer.