A Writer’s Tool – Water

Slough on the prairies

A slough on the prairies.

I  never feel so many emotions inside as when I watch the water.  From the time I was young galloping across the prairies I have marvelled at the varying thoughts when I see water.  Yes – our farm had copious amounts of sloughs (insect infested waters, full of grasses and often drying up by fall in the dips and crannies).  But to see them on a clear day was to see the bluest of blue waters with sparkling fairies dancing on the rippling surface – a mystical dream.  To see them on a windy day – large enough to see ‘white-caps’ – a tiny power somewhat like the power of a child.  On a hot day – not wanting to get the itch (somewhat like measles if you dared swim in these waters) – I would ride my horse into a slough at a gallop.  The splashing water was a welcome relief from relentless heat.

As I grew older I visited the Great Lakes.  One of the most fascinating things I  watched was the huge ships climb the waters in the locks man has created.

Ship in Locks #2 Cornwall, Ontario

Ships climbing on the St. Lawrence River outside Cornwall, Ontario.

Then I saw the ocean and realized this was what water could teach me. The lazy, rolling waves giving me a feeling of peace, tranquility and calmness.

Thanks for books by Lori Lee

My niece’s ‘back door’. Calm and a special thank-you message she sent me.


The tide coming in – Tofino, Vancouver Island.

The roaring power of huge waves reveal a power and I feel an anger inside. Water has the ability to summon many emotions I require to write. I find watching water is a great method to summon those emotions.


Elements – Water

Tree's twisted roots


Twisted roots exposed

As the water creeps away. 

Beauty in destruction

If we stop to see.

Power all around

Nature does display.

Will change our course

And show us all.

Our insignificant attempts

When supremacy of the water

Is sometimes displayed.

Question why, try to change

It really matters naught.

It will be as it will be. 

…by Mary M. Forbes