A more peaceful life.

PGA Golf CourseI’m sure we’ve all been through the frustration of telling someone something just to have our words thrown back  in our face as lies or unbelievable.  We can obsess hours worried and upset because we know we’re telling the truth.  We argue and try to prove we are telling the truth.

Then one day we wake up  and discover (hopefully) life will be easier once you learn you never have to justify yourself. If others don’t believe you – who cares anyway. God knows and you know.  No one else really matters.

Religious Ponderings

Why do some think that being a good person is religion trying to put the ‘fear’ of God into them?  – Mary M. Forbes, author.

When I think of what the bible is trying to teach us, I try to use my own reasoning and logic. I do not necessarily blindly agree or disagree with the experts.  I use my own God given power of reasoning and try to make sense of it – in my mind.  I respect and tolerate all others – provided they are thinking for themselves, not quoting someone just because it’s what they like to think might create an ‘ideal’ world.

Whoever said life is easy or fair?   If that were the case and possible – wouldn’t we all be healthy like some are; as intelligent as some are; as physically strong and agile as some are; as capable as some are at putting things together – and the list goes on into infinity. I believe that living creatures are going to have suffering in their lives and there is nothing any man or woman can do to change that.  All our attempts to create ‘equality’ will not work.  In the end – we have to accept/tolerate/respect others – not create equality.  If we are all supposed to be equal then why aren’t our ‘gifts’ equal?  The opportunity to be equal is a right we should all have, but it can’t be confused with all being equal.

I believe God doesn’t want us to consider the world the same.  I think the Tower of Babel says otherwise.  I do believe God wants us to live in harmony – all individuals and different.  And when an evil country decides to destroy a good country – I believe that God creates men and women who can ‘fight’ and hold onto their beliefs and principles – not that God comes down and ‘smites’ our enemies.  I believe God works through people and has given us all ‘free-will’.  I also believe that a person/people (our soldiers as examples) are aware of the Holy Spirit inside and are following where He is leading them.

I do not believe God means for us to give up ‘all our worldly goods’ and wander around in poverty or have nothing. How can you give or share if you have nothing?  We would just all become those ‘poor’ who have nothing and need to be given everything, while those who have cravings of power and material possessions would have everything and their nature says they wouldn’t share.  I believe God expects us to help others as we see their need.  I do believe you might be punished if you set up governments (abstract) or charities to help others and not do things yourself.  I do believe God intended us to give ourselves to help others around.  It starts with you – give and you help your own neighbors/friends/family/people you see and are in contact with – it will work from you – not an abstract company/organization.  I think giving to companies/organizations – who in turn give to the needy – is a cop-out and doesn’t say anything about you to God. You are expecting others to do the right thing and give so you don’t have to think about it.  Expecting others to do the right thing is not you doing the right thing. Then when you discover they aren’t  doing the right thing– they are probably those greedy people who only want for themselves instead – you are disappointed.   God helps those who help themselves – a quote from my ancestors.

Never in all history have so many had so much as we do in North America today.  We set up our country’s laws and beliefs on Christian/Judah principles. Yet many today would emulate the European, Russian and other countries that are failing.  Europe (all socialist) – is history unfolding right before our eyes – It is failing; Russia (communist) is failing; and we all understand (or should) that dictatorships are doomed to fail just as they have throughout history.  But it never seems to fail before there are endless amounts of horror and suffering for many people. ‘Our ancestors will be rolling over in their graves.’ They worked and fought so hard to get away from something we are trying to go back to.  They left all those countries which persecuted and suppressed them.

Do many even realize that the powerful USA is the only country in the world that helps the oppressed, the poor, the wretched, then leaves that country to rule and govern themselves?  Does anyone realize that they are the first country to ever do so?  So before you bash the USA for its power and strength – try to think of whether these feelings come from other people’s opinions or from the sin of jealousy and envy.

When we consider our poor in North America have so much more than some considered wealthy in other countries, shouldn’t we celebrate and praise our people’s ability to work together to create this wonderful society?  It’s not perfect but it’s the closest history has come so far – let’s get together and go deeper into our ways,not try and change what is failing.  Instead of calling us greedy and having so much – shouldn’t others be emulating our beliefs and actions?

So in North America our ancestors set up ‘Individual’ rights instead of the ‘Collective’ rights countries are attempting now and failing at.  Could it be our ancestors were on the right track and we have taken a turn for the wrong – and mainly relied on others to do the right thing for us?  And it’s obvious all over the world they aren’t.  It starts with you!

A Writer’s Tool – The Sky

I was asked once by someone interviewing me why so many people from Saskatchewan are creative. With a low population Saskatchewan produces a large percentage of artists.

I immediately answered – our isolation, our connection with nature. I thought of the sky – which has dominated my life from the time I was a child. If you can’t get creative juices flowing with nature – you may not be creative.

One feeling I get from the skies above is a real knowing there is a God above.  I realize it’s me and often feel fortunate this gift was given to me.  I can see light shining from behind clouds and the knowledge of God penetrates for so long as I can remember.  At this time there are no questions.  It just is.

Sky - sunset

I saw God today. A sunset just a few days ago

Other days, especially those lazy, hazy days of summer I feel the heat – the draining effect of heat which is a wonderful tool as well in my writing.  It helps my explanation on something so simple as why an ambitious person with strength and drive, might give-up.  I know it won’t last – but even knowing I can realistically portray the feelings at the moment.

Sunset in Leduc

A sunset promising another hot day tomorrow.


I often look to the sky for inspiration in my writing.  A storm brewing creates anticipation or even excitement.  A clear sky with a few fluffy clouds floating creates peace and welcoming laziness – not draining – just leisurely.

To Feel: – Peace/Light

Look towards the sky after a storm passes.  Black. rolling clouds churn overhead and suddenly a light, with rays of beams break through.  A feeling of peace, of contentment spread within.  There is someone overhead watching.  I choose to believe it’s God.  It’s as though I know it’s God.  It is a feeling within I feel intensely.

by Carol of Malibu Photography


Look to a sunset, see the light.  Again a feeling spreads within.  I am so happy to feel this and it has carried me through many obstacles in life.

 by Carol of Malibu Photography

 It always seems as though when I am down as low as I can go, the sky creates light for me. My spirits lift.  I wish I could give this to everyone as a gift of lightness.