Long, long ago

I read a few legends on how and why the Forbes clan is called Forbes.  This is the one story that stuck in my mind.

Scotland Highland coast

Scotland Highland coast

What’s in a Name?

Long ago in the days of kingdoms there was a King in Scotland whose lands alongside the ocean were plagued by Viking strikes, bringing chaos and destruction in their wake.  The king went outside to watch his people.  Noticing a young man named Duncan, the King was impressed by his strength.  An idea popped into his head and he sent Duncan a message.

Duncan appeared before the King and was shocked by his words.  If Duncan could protect the shores of the kingdom – these lands would be his.  Duncan, like everyone else, dreamed of owning his own lands.  Now was his chance.

When he arrived on the shores of the ocean, he discovered there was another kingdom bordering the land that he was determined to own. The King had a beautiful daughter named Bess.  Duncan fell in love with Bess and spent any time he could wandering around their lands with Bess.

It came to pass that Duncan had no problem keeping the Vikings from his shores and eventually the lands became his.  Duncan was now a king.  He had a strong castle built on the shores as well.  He faithfully protected the people who chose to live in his kingdom.  None could defeat him.

One day, looking out his castle window, Duncan noticed that a huge, ferocious bear was heading towards Bess.  Without thinking of his own safety,  Duncan rushed out to kill the bear – for Bess.

Duncan became known as the king who had killed a bear Forbess and that is how the Forbes name came into being.

≅ The End ≅    

Shaun with his kilt on

The tradition continues.