Riding Shotgun – The Ozarks

The Ozarks conjures up many vision, including shows like Deliverance or TV series like the Waltons. I pictured in my mind a ‘backwoods’, poor rural area like the Waltons portray or the horrible, secretive people like Deliverance or even modern shows I have seen with religious fanatics and incest running rampant.   It was neither.

George had to deliver some huge machines to a hydro plant in Arkansas close to the  Missouri border. We drove through gorgeous countryside in a setting of rolling hills, small mountains unlike the mountains – the blue Canadian Rockies that I was used too.  It was fall and the foliage was in full bloom with orange and red leaves, wild flowers in full bloom and the sunshine buttery yellow and not too hot.   The secondary highway was peaceful with very little traffic.

We arrived in the town of Mtn. Home in the evening and I couldn’t see much.  Our two sons, both teens, were with us.  They were as curious as I was.  The restaurant seemed normal, the motel we stayed in was the same – but there was anticipation in the air.   On HBO – they were showing Deliverance.  The show was a little before my boy’s time so they had never seen it.  I left it on and I laughed.  The people here obviously have a good sense of humor.  I taught my boys from a very young age to realize the difference between fiction and reality.  They were well-traveled and very grounded.

The next day when George went to deliver the machines, the boys and I went to explore the town.  It was a nice place with some of the friendliest people I had ever met.  Then we drove back to Little Rock we stopped to see spots along the way – just too interesting to pass by.  From craft shops to cozy cafe’s everyone was so wonderful and nice. We discussed topics such as lifestyles to weather and no one was too busy to talk.

After visiting the Ozarks I would consider moving there provided I could move all my family and friends there as well.  It was a beautiful experience.  In reflections – my comments that the only different place was the bayous in the USA, I would say the Ozarks were similar to Newfoundland in Canada.