Never Pick a Pretty Woman – When Words Collide Festival

I am pleased to say Never Pick a Pretty Woman will be part of the Alberta Romance Writer’s Association ‘searching for…’ series display.  The When Words Collide Festival takes place at the Carriage House Inn, Calgary, Alberta, August 8-10th, 2014.  Come and visit Calgary, voted the cleanest city in the world and stay to enjoy meeting a variety of local authors.

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Never Pick a Pretty Woman – Calgary Skies

Calgary Sunset - May 2014 #4

…   ‘By the time they got back to Crystal Ridge it was getting dark. The sun, setting below the mountains created that charcoal and pink sky.

     “There, the exact colors I want in my bedroom,” Sophie gasped with delight. She never tired watching these amazing sunsets.’…

Like Sophie, I often go out in the evening to marvel at the colors revealed in the sunsets over Calgary.


Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

Never Pick a Pretty Woman – The Cover

I want to extend a special thanks to both April Martinez – through Suzanne Stengl and Mahrie G. Reid for listening and answering many questions. Both are wonderful authors with Alberta Romance Writer’s Association.

Thanks for your help in creating a perfect cover for Never Pick a Pretty Woman


Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

Never Pick a Pretty Woman – an excerpt


Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover

  NEVER PICK A PRETTY WOMAN  – by Mary M. Forbes


She cupped her face in her hands, elbows digging into her upper legs and rocked. Her legs and arms trembled. Surely something would come to her. Then it did. She wanted to go back home. She wanted to see her mom. Her mom, her only real true friend, would have the right answers.  Her mom would help her.

She sensed a presence beside her. Someone crouched nearby.  Somebody brushed her arm with a hand. But she dared not look, so sure it would be Dennis. Dennis must never realize how much he hurt her.  She couldn’t give him that satisfaction. Besides she might well start punching that smug know-it-all face.

“What can I do to help you?”

Her head whipped around and her green eyes widened in shock. This wasn’t Dennis. This apparition appeared to be a cowboy in her dreams.  His eyes were narrowed, sultry and dark with long black lashes to match his short dark hair. A cowboy hat was tilted back to reveal his incredible features. His eyes suddenly widened in surprise when he saw her face, then dropped to the ground.  He swore. Perplexed, she wanted to ask him what that was about. Before she had the chance, she noticed he was dangling the straps of her sandals with one finger.

“Prince Charming?” Light banter slipped easily inside. Something familiar and calming.

“You want your shoes back little princess?” He smiled. It took her a moment to compose herself. His smile was breathtaking and vaguely familiar. Had she met him somewhere? No, surely she would remember if she had.

Never Pick a Pretty Woman – Release – June 15th, 2014

Just Released

Book I –  in my ‘Crystal Ridge‘ series Never Pick a Pretty Woman.

Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover




Sophie Donnelly is tired of her fast paced career life.  She wants to settle down with a home, husband and children.  She moves back to Crystal Ridge when she realizes she  can’t find the type of man she’s looking for in the city.  All men want her for ‘arm-candy’, not a wife. They won’t look beneath the surface.

Jake McCallum is a struggling rancher outside Crystal Ridge. He needs a wife and partner to help.  He desperately wants Sophie, but reality says she can only be a fantasy.  Sophie doesn’t  even know how to cook.

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