Teaser Trailer on One Dance with a Stranger

Sordid Beginnings

     She closed her eyes pretending she was back in Toronto.  She was hiding behind a garbage dumpster wearing her normal scruffy torn jeans and heavy flannel shirt she always wore.  Lucy, her worker, would never come into this alley.  Lucy was terrified of the aimlessly wandering homeless souls, most reeking of cheap booze.  The awful odors and the rats that boldly searched through the debris horrified Lucy.  Emily smiled cynically.  She hated those things as well.  But she couldn’t just walk away into some nice, safe home like Lucy could.  Lucy never understood that it just wasn’t an option for Emily.  Lucy never believed that living in the streets was better than those cruel, evil foster parents were.  She also had trouble believing Emily was telling the truth and not sensationalizing the cruel things these people were capable of.

Fatal Attraction

  Wade didn’t take his eyes off the beauty in Tony’s arms.  Tony’s fiancée was his Emily.  It was unbelievable.  He noticed there was no chemistry between the two with satisfaction.  It would certainly make his job easier.  So his Emily was interested in money and power was she?  He grinned with confidence building.  Half his battle was over.  He was much wealthier and much more powerful than Tony…

…“Just don’t talk anymore and sing either.  Just dance…”  She felt his sultry voice in her chest – slipping lower.  Her ears were buzzing.  “I think I’m going to start screaming…”

“I can’t believe you’re not enjoying this, my little playboy bunny.  Your body sure says you do.”  His voice revealed her darkest secret so easily.

“I saw your picture – every day for many years, darlin’ – sitting in my prison cell.”  Wade shifted slightly to look down in her into her strained face.


Directly below was a full sized picture of her – it was her centerfold debut.  She had wondered what they looked like – now she knew.  The picture immediately made her skin crawl.  Her mind shattered into a thousand pieces, all horror and disbelief.  Slamming the door shut, she sagged to the floor.  Her terry-cloth robe parted.  She stared at her legs, so shapely and smooth.  She screamed.  She wanted to slash those legs and make them as ugly as she felt inside.  She wanted to slash her face as well and then, maybe then… Wrapping her arms around her knees, she leaned against her knees and sobbed harder than she had ever cried before.  Deep shudders wracked her body…

Here for a good time, not a long time?

…“Hello again, darlin’…”

She whirled, her skirts flying.  She hadn’t heard him come in.  Her eyes widened, drinking in the sight of him.  Wade’s eyes narrowed.  He was studying her legs.  Then he looked up.  His eyes were sultry and hypnotic, just like she remembered.  Her eyes sparkled with delight.  Nothing was changed.    She heard the soft whistle through his teeth as he drew his breath in.

She loved his voice.

You had me with Hello…” She rushed into speech without thinking and then with a short laugh tried to rectify her error…

…She couldn’t believe the joy she felt seeing him again.  God, what was happening to her?  Every feeling was new and unwanted.

Then she stiffened.  She turned to stare out the window, seeing nothing.  “You lying bastard.”

“Well, you certainly come right to the point, don’t you darlin’.  I love directness in a woman.”  Wade stepped beside her.  He didn’t touch her but she could feel his heat.  “No kiss darlin’?  Didn’t you miss me even a little?”

“No.”  She clenched her teeth.  Who was lying now?

She felt as though she were spinning out of control.  Only he could do this to her.  She did want to kiss him.  She wanted to take that ruggedly handsome face into her hands and ravish him.

“I didn’t tell anyone.”  His voice was low and husky.  She glanced up.  He was staring out the window.  “I swear I didn’t.”

No one woman could ever keep the elusive Wade Hart – country music superstar.  But Emily has no means to stop the fatal attraction she feels.  Enjoy the thrilling rollercoaster ride with Wade and Emily in

One Dance with a Stranger