Campgrounds in the Okanogan Valley

In the  valley, Okanagan Lake, where the legend of Ogo Pogo, a monster somewhat like the Lock Ness Monster is rumored to roam; then further south into true desert country – yes in Canada, there is the town of Oliver.  Oliver is a place that is famous for its’ vineyards and wineries.  A little north of there is Gallagher Lake, nestled against a mountain and surrounded by towering Ponderosa Pine trees.  My husband and I purchased a camp-ground named Indian Head RV Park, (which we have since sold) across the highway from this lake.  It was a perfect place to get away, yet near enough to all those conveniences that are necessary today.

Gallagher Lake

This is a picture, property of Gallagher Lake Lodge Website.  This is a perfect vacation spot.