A Writer’s Tool – Forests

Just my awareness that trees keep us alive summons awe into my heart.  To think that such a simple but complex process just keeps on – with no scientific explanation as to why, is a stunning realization.

Logs by path to beach - Tofino

The unique marvel of a moss covered log. Calmness invades. Moss doesn’t grow on a rolling stone.


Yet, in the abstract way of an animal, I move inside the forests – which are in abundance in the mountains where I live.  We live near one of the largest ‘rain-forests’ in the world – a fact little advertised by anyone.


Odd Shaped Driftwood - Tofino beach

A mystical sight created by a tree and the water. No surprise to see a unicorn sitting in the sand.



I am aware there are animals in our forests – sometimes dangerous animals.  I have seen bear, mountain lions and especially deer from my front room window. It is not with any fear I am conscious of it.   I also watch and see the flowers and birds.  All these cause a feeling of peace and harmony. Sometimes my awe grows to a knowledge God exists here as well.  I understand that nature’s law is really His law and I understand harmony, the ability to realize a person who respects nature – will also understand or at least respect God.

There is a mystic quality in roaming the forests.  Sometimes, in a perfect setting, I feel I could see a unicorn and wouldn’t be surprised – just in awe.

Forests are an excellent tool for a writer to find those emotions of peace, harmony and  anticipation of the mystical sights and that can erase the stress and hustle of every-day living in a moment.

Find your forest today.

The arrogance of man – who thinks he can change the course of nature is brought full force in my mind.

Mountain in the clouds

The harmony of clouds, mountains and a forest all combined in one vision.