Words that Fascinate

Ever since I was young there were words I found fascinating.  Growing up in a rural, isolated area the first word I recall studying was ‘sophisticated‘.  I decided – thinking this was an awesome thing to be – I would be sophisticated when I grew up.  At the time it meant – knowing everything in a classy style.  I would know how to dress, eat, behave and which places be.  Now, I find it amusing and realize being yourself isn’t something that can be taught.   But I haven’t lost my fascination with words or phrases.

Lately I find myself concentrating on words and phrases more and more.  A few that have caught my attention and made me concentrate are: –

like Aloe Vera on a wound...   what a wonderful way to say so much in a few words.

finding my inner cowboy… well, why not?  I write about cowboys and  I have been trying to capture that ‘inner cowboy’ personality for quite some time. I know it’s different and some might think too old-fashioned to strive for.  But I, personally,  admire the cowboy nature. Now I understand what I am searching for a little more.

...could start an argument in an empty room…   again what a unique way of saying something without ambling.

…excessive…    as I was brought up Roman Catholic – it seemed that many ‘sins’ involved ‘excessive’. It was okay to eat whatever you wanted – but a sin to be obese – excessive.  It is okay to ‘gamble’ but not to be addicted – excessive.  The list goes on and on.  And as I get older I am seeing that not being ‘excessive’ – but enjoying – is a healthy lifestyle.  One simple word might give you a healthier lifestyle.  How fascinating is that?

I find this type of exercise helps me immensely in my writing endeavors.  I hope others might see the value in words and a way to make yourself a better writer – something most strive for.