Finding Friday – Poundmaker

A little history of Western Canada 

Poundmaker, a Cree chief had his reservation very near where I grew up on the farm. He was known as a great speaker and considered a very good looking man.

As his people were starving on the reservation he willingly joined in the rebellion.  The people in the town of Battleford all fled to Fort Battleford for protection when Poundmaker left his reservation.  He didn’t appear to want to join the Rebellion but he took his people into the town of Battleford and ransacked the town looking for food to feed his people.     Like Big Bear, he did not go to Batoche to help the Metis.

Poundmaker was also hung in Regina for  treason.  There are many questions now as to whether he really committed the crime or just found a method to get some food. Chief Poundmaker